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Here is a popular webinar from our recordings: Power BI Tips & Tricks to Make Stuff Work

Power BI Tips & Tricks to Make Stuff Work
Speaker: Manohar Punna

Abstract: Building Power BI Report from the scratch in an environment without proper BI tools is always a challenge. You pick it up from pulling in the datasets, transforming your data and building the model within Power BI to build the end user reports. I have been on this path and have learned few techniques the hard way. In this session I will go through a few tips that will help another Data Professional to get through the journey of building beautiful reports in Power BI. This will be a complete demo driven session covering
1. Tips to manipulate and duplicate your datasets.
2. Tips around Date table to make your life easier.
3. Tips on understanding and using DAX the simpler way.
3. Tips on some new and old features that are awesome

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