DataPlatformGeeks has partnered with SQLMaestros to provide free hands-on-labs to its registered members. Through this collaboration, we are making a few labs available to our members. For the full library, you need to navigate to SQLMaestos Hands-On-Labs section.

A Hands-On-Lab (HOL) is a document that allows you to practice a concept step-by-step. Each lab document consists of multiple exercises and each exercise consists of multiple tasks. Apart from step-by-step instructions, the HOL document contains images, explanations, observations, notes, tips & tricks to ensure a great learning experience. With HOL documents you will get hands-on with SQL Server & related technologies. It’s time to practice. The best way to learn is to do-it-yourself.

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Free Hands-On-Labs

Lab TitleDownload
Introduction to R Services in SQL Server 2016Download
Move Data Between On-Premise and Cloud using Azure Data FactoryDownload
Streaming Data From SQLServer To PowerBIDownload
Implementing Linear Regression with Azure Machine Learning StudioDownload

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