SQL Server Tutorials & Demos

SQL Server Statistics Basics – Part 1

by Amit Bansal

Tracking IO Consumption Database-Wise in SQL Server

by Amit Bansal

Monitoring SQL Server Task Pressure

by Amit Bansal

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Data, Advanced Analytics & AI Webinars

Azure Machine Learning for MLOps

by Mercy Ranjit

Deadlocking for Mere Mortals

by Jonathan Kehayias

Data Visualization in Power BI Tips and Tricks

by Reza Rad

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SQLShighra Videos


by Amit Bansal

SQL Server Tempdb Quick Know how

by Amit Bansal

Index Tuning – Why is INDEX SEEK not happening

by Amit Bansal

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SQL Server 2019 & Azure SQL Virtual Symposium

SQL Server by Example

by Bob Ward

SQL Titbits for the Inexperienced

by Erland Sommarskog

Azure SQL: What to use when

by Anna Hoffman

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Geek Talks

Geek Talk #1 on Enterprise Power BI

by Dr. Greg Low

Geek Talk #2 on Kubernetes & Big Data Clusters

by Benjamin Weissman & Anthony Nocentino

Geek Talk #3 on Implementing Extended Events Part 1

by Amit Bansal

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