DataPlatformGeeks Virtual Summit

Theme: SQL Server 2019 & Azure SQL

The first ever Virtual symposium on SQL Server 2019 & Azure SQL delivered 20 sessions by world’s top experts from Microsoft + MVPs + Industry Specialists. A grand success with 1200+ unique attendance online from 85 countries. Thanks to Microsoft, our speakers, organizers and Knowledge Partners: SQLMaestros, Stellar, DH2i, Actifio, CDATA & erwin. The event was free for the community, powered by DataPlatformGeeks & SQLServerGeeks. Watch the session recordings below. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel. Check Out the Event Report.

Welcome Note by Amit Bansal

Opening Note by Ruchi Tushir

SQL Server By Example by Bob Ward

SQL Server 2019 Intelligent Query Processing Part 1 by Amit Bansal

SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters: Make SQL Server your Data Hub for everything by Ben Weissman

User Defined Functions – From SQL 2000 – SQL 2019 by Uwe Ricken

Start modernizing your workloads at scale with Managed Instance by Danimir Ljepava & Vladimir Ivanovic

SQL Access to SaaS/Cloud Data through PolyBase by Jerod Johnson

SQL Server Ground to Cloud BY Buck Woody

Low RTO Restores – a revolutionary approach by Mike Salins

Deploying SQL Server in Kubernetes by Anthony Nocentino

Top 5 Query Tuning Tricks by Amit Bansal

SQL Server 2019 Intelligent Query Processing – Part 2 by Satya Ramesh

10 Reasons why Azure SQL is the best Database for Developers by Davide Mauri

Availability Groups Clustering without WSFC or Pacemaker – from Premises to Cloud by Connor Cox

Fixing SQL Server Databases Corruption by Amit Shukla

Persistent Memory and Hybrid Buffer Pool – The good, bad and ugly by Thomas Grohser

Metadata Management: The Hero in Unleashing Enterprise Data’s Value by Arun Nagalingam

Design your backend APIs with Azure SQL Database and GraphQL by Silvano Coriani

SQL Titbits for the Inexperienced by Erland Sommarskog

Azure SQL: What to use when by Anna Hoffman

Thanks to Speakers: Ruchi Tushir (Director – Data, AI & IoT Business Group Microsoft), Bob Ward (Principal Architect, Microsoft), Davide Mauri (Senior Program Manager, Microsoft), Connor Cox (Product Manager – DH2i), Amit Bansal (MVP, MCM, SQLMaestros), Amit Shukla (Product Lead – Stellar Data Recovery), Ben Weissman (Data Platform MVP, Germany), Amit Bansal (MVP, MCM, SQLMaestros), Arun Nagalingam (Product Advisor, Asia Pacific, erwin), Uwe Ricken (Data Platform MVP, MCM, Germany), Silvano Coriani (Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft), Danimir Ljepava (Program Manager, Microsoft) & Vladimir Ivanovic (Senior Program Manager, Microsoft), Erland Sommarskog (Data Platform MVP, Sweden), Jerod Johnson (Technology Evangelist, Cdata), Buck Woody (Applied Data Scientist, Microsoft), Thomas Grohser (Data Platform MVP, USA), Mike Salins (Principal Product Manager, Actifio), Anthony Nocentino (Data Platform MVP, USA), Anna Hoffman (Data & Applied Scientist, Microsoft), Rie Irish (Sr. Program Manager, Microsoft), Satya Ramesh (Sr. Consultant, SQLMaestros)

Thanks to Knowledge Partners: Microsoft, SQLMaestros, Stellar, DH2i, Actifio, CDATA & erwin

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