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Telegram is a messaging app (just like WhatsApp with additional features). The best things about Telegram is that it has a standalone desktop app which synchronizes with mobile app. So, you can communicate with either options. eDominer Data Community has a Telegram Group & Channel for the Data Community.

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Install Telegram like any other app (eg; WhatsApp). Visit the app store, download/install. Configure your mobile number. That’s it. You now are ready to join the community on Telegram. Browse this page from your mobile phone and then click on the links below.

Telegram Channel: eDominer Data Community Telegram Channel is like a broadcast list where you will get updates on free In-Person events in your city, free Webinars (Weekdays & Weekends), free Blogs & Articles, Free Data Platform Magazine every month, free video training and much more. Click Here to subscribe to eDominer Data Community telegram channel.

Telegram Group: eDominer Data Community Telegram Group is like a WhtsApp Group where technical discussions can be done. It is a two-way communication; any member can ask question or post answers. Click Here to join eDominer Data Community telegram group.