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DPG Bulletin – 3 August, 2020.

Webinars – Full Length 75 mins Sessions

New Azure Data Videos from Microsoft

  • Azure SQL Automated Backups – Part 1. Click Here.
  • Azure SQL Automated Backups – Part 2. Click Here.

News & Blogs from Microsoft Azure Data Team

  • Enhanced support for Azure AD Guest Users for Azure SQL. Click Here.
  • JSON in Azure SQL Database. Click Here.
  • Backup Scenarios for Oracle on Azure IaaS. Click Here.

Data Platform Virtual Summit 2020

  • Summit & Training Classes Price increases from Aug 7, 10 pm PST. Book Now.
  • The world is coming together for Data Platform Virtual Summit 2020. Read More.
  • Did you know? You can attend last 12 hours of DPS 2020, absolutely free. Click Here.

Hands-On-Lab of The Day (Promoted)

  • Hands-On-Lab: TOP & APPLY Operators in SQL Server. Click Here.

SQLMaestros Video Courses (Promoted)

  • All-In-One Bundle Pricing has been announced for SQLMaestros Video Courses. Learn More.

Would You Like to represent your country in DPS 2020?

  • An opportunity to join DPS 2020 volunteering team. Learn More.

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