DataPlaformGeeks Knowledge Partner Program

DataPlatformGeeks Community (Data, Analytics & AI professionals) want to move away from mindless marketers who do not understand the audience’s pulse. Our audience instead, wants to connect with companies that could showcase their Data, AI & Analytics capabilities, and transfer knowledge to them. Hundreds of attendees that join our events and webinars want to hear from educational institutes that have valuable learning content to offer. The true essence is Connect, Learn, Share & Grow!

Therefore, we call our sponsors as Knowledge Partners. DPS Knowledge Partners are more knowledge-sharing & respect-earning entities.

Are you a knowledge powerhouse in Data, AI & Analytics Space? If yes, join DataPlatformGeeks as a Knowledge Partner and we give you access to our 3,00,000 members.

A DPG Knowledge Partner is an entity that is a thought-leader in Data, AI & Analytics space. It does not matter if it is big or small, popular or unknown, existing giant or a start-up. As long as you are working on Data, AI & Analytics technologies, have relevant products, services, educational programs to talk about, you are welcome to explore being a Knowledge Partner with us. We just ask for one thing – Bring knowledge on the floor!

As a DataPlatformGeeks (DPG) Knowledge Partner, we offer unmatched branding & promotional opportunities in all our in-person events, global webinars & Virtual Symposiums leading up to the massive Data Platform Summit (DPS), our annual & international conference where more than 1000 delegates join us each year.

We call this DataPlatformGeeks Knowledge Partner Program. You can choose to just sponsor a one-off event or be an annual partner and promote your offerings at all events.

Want to explore how your organization can benefit as a Knowledge Partner? Write to us at and we will revert promptly.

Did You Know?

DPG is a global community of Data, AI, & Analytics working professionals from 92+ countries. There are 2,95,000+ registered members in the DPG community.
Data Platform Summit is organized by DataPlatformGeeks (DPG). It is Asia’s Largest Data, Analytics & AI conference with more than 1000 delegates representing 300+ companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does DataPlatformGeeks do with Knowledge Partner’s funds?
In simple words, we grow the community further. We do more events, we go to newer geographies, we create more learning resources, we implement new ideas, we get more members on board. We scale. We keep going.

So, is DataPlatformGeeks an NGO?
No. We are not an NGO and we never claimed to be one.

So, is DataPlatformGeeks a profit making organization?
Any entity that is not an NGO, does not necessarily become a profit-making organization. The whole concept of community is so misunderstood by a few people. Community does not mean “everything free”. Community means “free stuff, some paid stuff yet very reasonably priced and easily accessible”. DataPlatformGeeks runs massive infrastructure to serve its members and to grow the community. Not limited to, but including full-time staff salaries, real estate expenses, website and mailing expenses, event expenses, authoring expenses, modest emoluments & flight/accommodation reimbursements to speakers and authors, constant operational expenses – DPG is a full-fledged organization and anyone who has ever run an organization would know costs are incurred in today’s modern times to run and maintain an IT infrastructure. So your funds help us to continue running our operations, it helps us to grow.

Who are the past KPs for DPG?
Microsoft, eDominer, Manipal Group, Edvancer, HP, SanDisk, Quest, Redgate, Affine Analytics, Melissa Data, SP Global, SQLMaestros, ScaleArc, Altimerk, ABB, Cloud Front and many others. A big thanks to all of them.

What can be sponsored?
We are very flexible and the packages can be highly customized to suit your needs. You can sponsor just one event or one webinar, or a series of them, or you can be our annual partner leading all the way to Data Platform Summit. Drop us an email at and we can talk more to understand what your objectives are and chalk out a plan accordingly.

More questions?
Drop us an email at and we can talk more.

Thanks To Our Knowledge Partners (From the Past)