Session Title: Topic Modeling made easy
Speaker(s): Sanil Mhatre

Abstract:Is your organization looking to unlock valuable insights for large amounts of text data for sources like social media posts, product reviews and survey results ? Have you already tried techniques like key words/phrases, sentiment analysis or word cloud, but are looking for deeper insights ? Topic modeling will elevate your Natural Language processing/Text Analytics to the next level and help your organization discover valuable business insights.
This demo filled session uses a real life use case of Team Health Survey data to introduce attendees to the concepts , tools and techniques of topic modeling. Using Jupyter notebook, we will walk through the python code demo for ;

  • Data loading, clean-up and pre-processing
  • Tokenization, Stop words, n-grams and lemmatization
  • Iterate through model training and evaluation
  • Visualize output and interpret human readable topics
  • Business value and application of topic modeling

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