Session Title: SQL Server 2022 IQP Deep Drive
Speaker(s): Kate Smith, Derek Wilson & David Pless

Abstract: Intelligent query processing is a key component to help business-critical workloads improve when running at scale, while remaining adaptive to the constantly changing world of data.
In this session we will cover how the latest SQL Server versions improve performance with features and enhancements under the intelligent database feature family.

These features include query store and intelligent query processing that helps improves performance and scalability with minimal changes to your application or database design.

We will cover the scenarios where intelligent query processing can have the most benefit for your application workloads and how Query Store can help make it easier to identify poorly performing statements and respond to regression scenarios.

We will cover Query Store use cases such as Query Store internals, performance regressions, and improvements in the latest versions of SQL Server including the new Query Store Hints improvement.

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