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Event TypeWebinar
SessionMonitoring SQL Server Performance – Part II
In Part I, Amit Bansal had demoed how to identify the root cause of a performance issue in SQL Server. He gave several practical examples how to identify slow running queries. In Part II, Amit will show how to fix common performance issues. He will give example related to server configuration, database tuning, indexing strategies and query tuning. And you will see instant performance improvement with SQL Server. In short, do you want to be rock star DBA? Join Microsoft Certified Master & MVP Amit Bansal in this demo-packed session where he will demo real world performance tuning cases, identify them & fix them.
Speaker: Amit RS Bansal (MCM, MVP, SQLMaestros)
City/Location Online
Date & TimeWednesday 25th January 2017 (3:00 PM – 4:00 PM)

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