With 20 + Years of Industry experience ranging from Java, to Microsoft, Cloud to IoT, Vic Parmar is a veteran when it comes to cross platform technologies, being a passionate public speaker and community enthusiast Vic Parmar leads the Largest .Net community named Bangalore .Net Community (BDotNet) and has being awarded MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) in Client Server technologies. Vic carries a range of technical expertise ranging from Microsoft Web Technologies which includes expertise in WebAPI with RESTful Services, Owin, OAuth, OpenID Connect, Identity Framework 2.0, Identity Server and other host of server side technologies, when it comes to client side Vic has expertise to create cross platform Hybrid Applications with HTML5 based client side frameworks like AngularJS, Cordova, Ionic and other technologies, and creating cross platform native applications using Xamarin. Vic is also passionate about electronics and gadgets, Vic is a member of many electronics groups and regularly contributes his creations in providing knowledge to like minded friends, and Vic loves wildlife snakes and amphibians, and expert in Macro Photography and spends his weekends in deep jungles exploring the wild.

Vic brings a great deal of passion and energy to share his knowledge with the community. We at DataPlatformGeeks thank him for his unconditional support to our community efforts.

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