Session Title: SQL Server Query Lifecycle
Speaker(s): Denis Reznik

Abstract: We all know what a relational database is, what the SQL language is, and how to get or modify data in a database. The algorithm is straightforward:

  • Write an SQL query
  • Send it to SQL Server
  • Get the result

It’s all straightforward, but only until the moment when we get the result is not what we expected, or do not get it at all, or gave up to wait for the data, etc. It happens because, between the second and third steps, many things affect the result. When we face the issue related to query execution, it can be challenging to solve the problem without knowing what is happening inside. And in this session, we will go with you the same way that the query in SQL Server goes from the moment you run it in SSMS to the moment of receiving the result. Following this will help us understand why we get such a result under certain conditions and work more efficiently with databases.

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