Session Title: SQL Server on Linux & Kubernetes! – From Zero to Hero
Speaker(s): Tejas Shah & Amit Khandelwal

Abstract: Continuing from the last year, this year’s session is all about how you can get your SQL Server production workload deployed on your choice of Kubernetes and Linux distributions. This session will give you answers to the below questions, so if you have these question or any other questions on SQL Server on Linux/Containers then this is a session for you. And, no session is complete without Demos. This session will have lots and lots of demos that you can see and also try them in your environments after the session.

  1. Do you know what stateful set SQL Server deployment means in Kubernetes?
  2. What QoS(quality of Service) should SQL Server containers be deployed with?
  3. Did you know, you could set HA using Always on AGs for SQL Server containers using few simple steps?
  4. Do we have any reference architectures and numbers that can be shared?

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