Session Title: SQL Server 2022 tempdb – The Uncontended
Speaker(s): David Pless

Abstract: Over the years, there have been many recommendations regarding configuration options for tempdb.
tempdb is used by every database workload for temporary storage, and additionally for internal operations.

So, it’s important to get SQL Server’s tempdb as optimal as possible.

The behavior of tempdb has also changed over time, but what hasn’t changed is the criticality of tempdb and how its proper use and configuration can have major implications in the performance of your application.

In this session we will discuss some of the improvements with tempdb in the latest versions of SQL Server and what good tempdb practices look like today.

We will also discuss the improvements in SQL Server that will unlock scalability of tempdb-heavy workloads now and into the future.

SQL Server has improved tempdb in every single release and SQL Server 2022 is no exception.

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