Brace Yourself. For the first time ever, Bob Ward (Principal Architect, Microsoft, USA) will be delivering a webinar for the DataPlatformGeeks community. You do not want to miss this. Bob Ward is a Principal Architect for the Microsoft SQL Server Data Services Group, which owns the development for all SQL Server versions. Bob has worked for Microsoft for 25 years on every version of SQL Server shipped from OS/2 1.1 to SQL Server 2019 including Linux. He has worked in customer support as a principal escalation engineer and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), interacting with some of the largest SQL Server deployments in the world.



He will be delivering a session on new capabilities for SQL Server 2019 that has rocked the industry including Apache Spark and HDFS in the box, enhanced Polybase connectors to help avoid ETL, Intelligent Query Processing, Security with Enclaves, T-SQL with Java, and enhancements for SQL Server on Linux, Docker Containers, and Kubernetes. SQL Server is the new unified data platform allowing you to keep your data where it is located, build your own data lakes, and enable new container based solutions never before possible.

So, here is your opportunity to attend this free webinar on SQL Server 2019 on 12th November from 9 pm – 10 30 pm IST (10 30 am – 12 pm EST)

Not only will you learn new innovations in SQL Server 2019, it will also be an experience you will cherish for a long time.

We are very thankful to Bob Ward for committing his time towards DataPlatformGeeks community efforts.

So do not miss this bus. Register fast. Seats are limited. After all, it’s THE BOB WARD.

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