Satya Shyam

Satya is an SQL Server MVP for the last 10 years, subject matter expert with consulting & technical expertise within Data Platform, Business Intelligence, and Architecture solutions with over 24+ years of experience. He is the author of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Administration Cookbook (released May 2011) and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 cube-security How-to (October 2012) from, co-author of MVP Deep Dives SQL Server Volume II (released October 2011) from Manning Publications.
Satya (@SQLMaster) is a prolific speaker at major technology conferences such as Microsoft Tech-Ed (Europe, India and North America), SQL PASS (Europe and North America), and SQL Bits (UK). Owner of 2 leading SQL Server usergroup in the United Kingdom. Satya was very active (held Moderator positions) in SQL Server related newsgroups and forums such as, SQL Server Central. Microsoft SQL Server tutorials, training & forum. and SQL Server Information at along with Microsoft Technet forums. Whenever time permits, Satya contributes to his own blog site, Data Platform Knowledge Sharing Network | – A Knowledge Sharing Network… and shares knowledge from his Twitter pod ( With his down to earth attitude he believes every day is a new learning in SQL world – happy to learn and proud to share the knowledge.

Satya brings a great deal of passion and energy to share his knowledge with the community. We at DataPlatformGeeks thank him for his unconditional support to our community efforts.

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