Sandeep Alur has over 21 years of industry experience providing technology and architectural guidance. His experience ranges from dotcom days to the distributed/cloud computing to the next generation intelligent computing era. He has architected solutions across technology/platform landscapes and is a stern believer of his own philosophy, which says “Enterprise architecture is an evolution and it grows with innovation”. From an innovation standpoint, he believes that the next big leap is in ‘Data Science’, and ‘AI’ will elevate Customer Experience to greater heights.

At Microsoft, he heads ‘Microsoft Technology Center’, an Experience Center focusing on helping Customers and partners accelerate their digital transformation.

A ‘Postgraduate’ in the field of ‘Data Science and AI, he is one of the leads driving Microsoft’s AI Country Plan charter.

You can follow him on twitter (@saalur) and LinkedIn


Sandeep brings a great deal of passion and energy to share his knowledge with the community. We at DataPlatformGeeks thank him for his unconditional support to our community efforts.

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