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Here is a popular webinar from our recordings: Real-Time Analytics with Power BI.

Real-Time Analytics with Power BI.
Speaker: Manohar Punna (Vice President, DPG & SSG)

Abstract: Power BI helps you build appealing visualizations of your data. With ever growing footprint of data it is equally important to get real-time insights into your data. It can be as simple as monitoring a single metric or viewing real-time sales performance across multiple locations. Power BI real-time streaming enables you to stream data and update dashboards in real-time. Any time sensitive data can be a source of streaming data set like IoT sensor devices, social media sources, service usage metrics etc.
In this session
1. I will dive deep into real-time analytics with Power BI.
2. How to build streaming tiles in Power BI Dashboards.
3. Demo using Power BI REST APIs.
4. Demo using Azure Event Hub and Azure Stream Analytics.

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