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Here is a popular webinar from our recordings: OData and .NET Core – State of the Union

OData and .NET Core – State of the Union
Speaker: Rainer Stropek (MVP for Azure and Developer Technologies, Austria)

Abstract: OData is a well-established standard that has been used in many software systems for years. Azure makes heavy use of OData and the protocol is supported in client apps like Power BI, too. In this session, MVP and Regional Director Rainer Stropek speaks about the current state of OData. He starts with a quick introduction for those viewers who are not familiar with OData. Next, he shows how OData’s integration with .NET’s LINQ, ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework makes it pretty simple to get you own OData services up and running. Rainer will also critically evaluate OData by talking about areas where Microsoft’s implementation has to improve as well as pros and cons compared to classical REST APIs, gRPC, GraphQL, and JSON:API. If you build data-driven APIs for the web and the cloud, this session is for you. Rainer will use only a few slides. He will focus on code walkthrough and live coding.

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