Session Title: Querying best practices for Azure Synapse Analytics
Speaker: Charley Hanania

Abstract: Data warehousing is evolving into the Cloud so it’s time to get on board. With Azure Synapse Analytics there are now more ways to transform, manage and present your data pipelines with scale and performance in mind. Recent experiences from clients on the platform have shown that if you just try to dump data into the platform and use it without understanding the underlying architecture and capabilities, you’ll leave fairly quickly as you see your costs skyrocket and the benefits decline. Join this session to get an understanding of what options are available to reduce your query times and lower your costs while allowing more users to access the data that’s been loaded into the platform. In this session we’ll cover: 1. Introduction to Azure Synapse Analytics Components 2. Azure Synapse Analytics Architecture Overview (querying-focused) 3. Best Practices & Tips for Querying data from Azure Synapse Analytics

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