Session Title: NLP Capabilities with Azure Cognitive Services
Speaker: Disha Agarwal

Abstract: With Language cognitive services, we bring multiple cloud-based NLP Capabilities such as language understanding, entity extraction, question answering, sentiment analysis, language detection etc, within the reach of every developer – without requiring machine-learning expertise. These capabilities enable developers to easily build NLP capabilities into their apps to power business solutions. For instance, Language understanding and Question Answering capabilities are leveraged to build conversational bots. Sentiment analysis and opinion mining capabilities are leveraged for use cases such as analyzing surveys, social media feedback on products and even customer support calls. Many of these applications can be integrated with other cognitive services such as Speech and Translation to power more sophisticated use cases such as voice assistants across multiple languages. Through the course of the presentation, I will be talking about some of these NLP capabilities and how enterprises are building business solutions with these capabilities.

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