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Virtual is the New Normal

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Session DetailsTitle: Virtual is the New Normal

Abstract: We are living in unprecedented times where operating environments and business models are getting re-defined. The clear boundary that existed between home and office environments are blurring. As a business, the need of the hour is to stay in control of ones operating environment and stay agile. The current and future will continue to be dominated by massive surge in devices(IoT) and has led to the genesis of digital twins era. During this interactive session, Technical Leaders from Microsoft Technology Center will showcase the power of ‘Intelligent Infrastructure Management’ and ‘Digital Twins’ as two key trends driving businesses to thrive in the new normal.

Subject Matter Experts Sandeep Alur, Shweta Gaur, Kumar Shiv Subramanyam
Date & Time30th May 2020 (09:30 AM – 12:00 PM)
Venue Online
Agenda at a glance

10.30 AMIntroductions
11.00 AMSession Begins
12.00 PMQ & A
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