Session Title: Manage Your Power Automate Governance Like A Rockstar
Speaker: Haniel Croitoru

Abstract: You’ve managed to get Power Automate introduced and even adopted within your organization, which is awesome. But are you sure that everyone is using it the way they should? Are you up at night wondering whether

– Do my flow makers know the confined in which they can and should build flows?
– Are there flows that are beyond the rights and capabilities of my flow makers?
– Is any of my organizational business data being compromised?
– Do my flow makers able to leverage Power Automate for their business needs without negatively impacting themselves or their peers?
– Are my flow makers following organizational best practices recommended by my IT department?
– Is my IT department being taxed with additional support for flow makers beyond their means?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you shouldn’t miss this session, where I will introduce and demonstrate topics such as
– Data Loss Prevention in Power Automate
– Automating Power Automate onboarding and training for new flow makers
– Building a governance matrix to establish what flows should be owned by whom
– Leveraging the Power Apps Center of Excellence to audit and report on flow usage within your organization
– Create an audit trail of activities performed by users
– Creating organizational templates

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