Session Title: Know latest & coolest features in Azure SQL Database Hyperscale
Speaker: Pooja Kamath & Balmukund Lakhani

Abstract: In this session we will demo the latest and newly released features from Azure SQLDB ‘Hyperscale’- the architectural evolution of Azure SQL, which has been natively designed to take advantage of the cloud.
One of the main key features of this new architecture is the complete separation of Compute Nodes and Storage Nodes. Because of this Hyperscale service tier removes many of the practical limits traditionally seen in cloud databases
While the most common notion is that Hyperscale tier is intended for customers whose requirements encompass very large databases, we will see why it is a great fit for most business workloads that even have smaller databases, but require fast vertical and horizontal compute scaling, high performance, instant backup, fast database restore & have significant read-only workloads.
We will look at some interesting use cases from recently released features that makes Azure SQL DB Hyperscale unique & how it compares with other offerings.
Don’t worry if you are new to Azure SQL DB Hyperscale! Our session will also look at the brief overview of the revolutionary Hyperscale architecture before we dive into the demos.

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