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eDominer Systems has multiple brands, each offering a wide variety of free learning resources, training & events for the community:

  • SQLServerGeeks (SSG) & DataPlatformGeeks (DPG): Free Saturday Events, Webinars, Blogs, Video Training, the very popular Data Platform Magazine & our annual international conference.
  • SQLMaestros: Free Hands-on-Labs, Whitepapers, Tutorials, Video Training, Code Snippets etc.
  • Peopleware India: Free training events on developer technologies.
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One-way communication. Just get a digest mail once a week, containing a list of all the free training events in your city, webinars and resources. All Free. Consider this announcement list like a newsletter where we consolidate all announcements in a single email and you can pay attention to what is important to you. We will send one email per week. Occasionally there will be some special announcements. Click Here to join DataPlatformGeeks Announcement List.

Amit Bansal’s Technical Discussion List JOIN NOW

Amit R S Bansal is a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional eleven-time Awardee & a Microsoft Regional Director (Honorary). He is a SQL Server & Data/Analytics expert of international repute, training more than 10000+ professionals from 400 companies. Click Here to learn more about him. Amit Bansal maintains and moderates a technical discussion list where thousands of members discuss ONLY technical stuff around SQL Server, Data & Analytics. Members ask & answer questions, participate in Q&A, discussions & help each other technically. This list is open to anyone who wants to participate in serious technical discussion with Amit Bansal and the Data/Analytics community worldwide. This list is a two-way communication. Click Here to join Amit Bansal’s Technical Discussion List.

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Are you using Redgate Tools? Redgate has world’s best database tools. About 91% of the 100 fortune companies use Redgate tools. Leader in Database Lifecycle Automation (DLM) & Database DevOps, Redgate has around 18+ tools in their portfolio including the very popular SQL Monitor, SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare. SQLMaestros is an exclusive partner to Redgate. Together, we offer free training & learning resources on DevOps, DLM and how you/your team can increase your technical productivity. From time to time, Redgate offers free licenses of its tools. It also offers loads of free training on DevOps & DLM. SQLMaestros also offers free SQL Health Check. This is an announcement list, one-way communication. Click Here to join Redgate Announcement List. (If you wish to participate in technical discussion around Redgate tools, please join Amit Bansal’s Technical Discussion List)

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Telegram is a messaging app (just like WhatsApp with additional features). The best things about Telegram is that it has a standalone desktop app which synchronizes with mobile app. So, you can communicate with either options. eDominer Data Community has a Telegram Group & Channel for the Data Community.

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Install Telegram like any other app (eg; WhatsApp). Visit the app store, download/install. Configure your mobile number. That’s it. You now are ready to join the community on Telegram. Browse this page ( from your mobile phone and then click on the links below.

Telegram Group: eDominer Data Community Telegram Group is like a WhtsApp Group where technical discussions can be done. It is a two-way communication; any member can ask question or post answers. Click Here to join eDominer Data Community telegram group.

Telegram Channel: eDominer Data Community Telegram Channel is like a broadcast list where you will get updates on free In-Person events in your city, free Webinars (Weekdays & Weekends), free Blogs & Articles, Free Data Platform Magazine every month, free video training and much more. Click Here to subscribe to eDominer Data Community telegram channel.

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Amit R S Bansal

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