Session Title: IoT Edge – Overview And Case Study For Smart Buildings Focused On Data
Speaker: Jorge Maia

Abstract:This session is a merge of some clients’ use cases in the last five years on the smart buildings, facilities, and office automation projects that CrazyTechLabs be leading inside them.

Many examples of IoT presents a single sensor or a couple of them and a chart with their data. This session will cover how IoT can lead digital transformation in several buildings and present all Azure Environment that can be used, featuring Azure IoT Edge, Time Series Insights, and Azure Digital Twins to reduce energy waste, count people in rooms, and enhancing the user experience on the buildings.

The main idea behind the scenes on almost all of them on this kind of project was automation connected with authorization systems, to track the energy utilization by floors and sectors, based on occupancy and measurements. All data acquired must be stored, and after some months, the data extracted from the application promotes insights about rooms, illumination of individual suites, and common halls. It can turn HVAC, lighting, and access control systems automation with intelligence and control based on predictions and real-time data.

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