Session Title: Implementing SQL Server DevOps Using Azure DevOps
Speaker: Kevin Chant & Sander Stad

Abstract: Welcome to Azure DevOps Duet, a tale about how a development team and an operations team have to bond together and start using Azure DevOps for SQL Server related deployments.

This session will cover the process of developing a CI/CD process starting at getting the team on board and ending with making an actual release.

We will discuss:
the challenges of implementing DevOps
setting up a database solution project
getting started with source control
testing your database releases using tSQLt
setting up your Azure Devops pipelines

As part of the session we will cover the default services you get with Azure DevOps including:

Azure Repos
Azure Boards
Azure Pipelines
Azure Test Plans
Azure Artifacts

After this session you will have the tools and knowledge to get started with DevOps and get your development process to the next level. In addition, some ideas to get you developers and operations team to work together in a more DevOps related way.

If you want to see a session about using Azure DevOps with SQL Server, co-presented by a Microsoft MVP and somebody who is Microsoft certified for both, this is the session for you.

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Stay tuned, more learning coming your way.