Session Title: How to model and partition data in Azure Cosmos DB to achieve cloud scale
Speaker(s): Richa Gaur

Abstract: The era of cloud computing has ushered in a new era where applications now demand unprecedented levels of scale and size. Relational databases which have been with us for 50 years were never designed to ingest vast quantities of data per second, grow to Petabytes in size, or provide 99.999% availability. Enter distributed NoSQL databases which were designed specifically to deal with these and other unique challenges brought about by the cloud.
In this session we will take the relational data model for a simple e-commerce application and migrate it to a horizontally partitioned, NoSQL database. Along the way you will learn the concepts, techniques and technologies needed to model for a horizontally partitioned NoSQL database that will allow your application to achieve millisecond response times with near unlimited size and scalability.

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