Session Title: How To Make Sure Sensitive Data Is Secure In a Modern Data Warehouse
Speaker(s): Diponkar Paul

Abstract: The amount of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data is growing at an exponential pace within organizations. With increased amounts of data and usage, inherently data security concerns grow. Cloud platform like Azure, Amazon, or Google promising organization data is almost impossible to hack. And if the data is leaked it will be encrypted so no one from outside the organization should be able to READ the data, claimed by these big vendors. However, there are security issues that can arise from rogue employees around PII data and there needs to be a process in place to deal with this. In this session, we will highlight how a modern data warehouse can act as a safeguard against malicious data exposure or misusage. As well as showcase different ways to protect PII data in both production and non-production environment and explore Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics capabilities to protect sensitive data.

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