Session Title: How to Become an Azure Data Studio Contributor
Speaker: Hannah Qin & Drew Skwiers Koballa

Abstract: Learn how to make an impact on Azure Data Studio in this session, where we’ll discuss how you can leverage the GitHub repository, extensibility points, and open-source community to maximize your value in the application. New features are added to Azure Data Studio every month, and the team is always listening for feedback. We will walk through the various ways the community is empowered to shape changes to the application. Users are invited to engage by voting on feature requests, discussing use cases, and testing the nightly Insiders build. The Azure Data Studio code base is both open and extensible – meaning that contributors are welcome to build an independent extension or submit changes to the core of the application. We will walk through the available extension APIs and newly improved extension generator, as well as demonstrate how to build the full application. Come to this session and become a part of the Azure Data Studio community.

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