Session Title: Enough of the Azure Pipeline GUI demos for Data Platform deployments
Speaker: Kevin Chant & Sander Stad

Abstract: I’m sure plenty of you have being there before. Hoping to see some YAML being used for real-life scenarios CI/CD deployments in Azure DevOps, only for the demos shown to be GUI based using the Classic Editor.

Well fear not, for in this session we will cover how to use YAML in Azure DevOps for your CI/CD deployments. In this advanced session we will show you how to use YAML for Microsoft Data Platform deployments. Aimed mostly at SQL Server related services, including SQL Server and Azure Synapse SQL Pools. Along the way well also cover other topics like PowerShell and Containers.

You will see a reasonable amount of YAML in this session, which is why we class this session as a borderline expert/brain-hurting one. You might want to bring along pen and paper to take down some notes and help with muscle memory, or at least bring something electronic to enter notes in.

We will show you demos for some real-life scenarios, including Unit Testing for both SQL Server and Azure Synapse SQL Pools.

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Stay tuned, more learning coming your way.