Emanuele Meazzo

I’m passionate about technology since childhood, from consumer electronics to enterprise hardware/software and everything in between.

Following this passion, I pursued an education focused on scientific and technical fields, becoming an IT Engineer at the end of my academic career in Milan.
I often spend my free time trying to learn something new and be up to date on the topics in my interest, allowing me to maintain and develop my skillset.

In these years focused my interests on the Microsoft Data Platform and had the opportunity to attend to a great number of courses and webinars from SQL
Server experts from all around the world.

During the years, through studies and international experiences with customers (in USA, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, etc..) and mentors, I’ve
developed a transversal knowledge that involves both the elements of an architecture (from the application need, the queries, to the configuration down until
the hardware/cloud architecture itself) and how to exploit it in order to give to the business the value that needs.
On the job I usually nd myself being the go-to guy that both senior and junior employees approach to tackle particularly tricky issues or asking for advice;

I appreciate whenever this happens as I’m stimulated by new problems to solve and I enjoy sharing my knowledge to empower others:

In fact, I own a blog dedicated to the Data World, with a special attention to the technical and performance aspects of SQL Server and PowerBI (https://tsql.dev)

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