Dr.Sheela Siddappa heads the Global Delivery for Data Analytics program at Bosch India. She is responsible for Global Business, creating innovative end- to- end analytics solutions for various domains like, Manufacturing, Automobile, Energy, Smart City, Health Care, etc., Also develop platforms to provide non-linear business. Sheela graduated with a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington, USA in 2006. Her PhD thesis was on Airline Revenue Management. She received her Master’s from the same university in 2002 and Bachelors in Engineering from RVCE, Bangalore in 2000. Dr. Sheela has three patents filed in the USA and one in India. She also has multiple international journal and conference publications to her credit. Prior to joining BOSCH, she was with Infosys Labs as a Senior Research Scientist and with General Motors R&D as a Researcher. She has over ten years of experience in the space of Machine Learning\Artificial Intelligence. She is member of various societies like the Institute of Industrial Engineers, Alpha Pi Mu, etc. She has won multiple awards in the space of innovation and developing novel approaches – Tool Method Invention Award, Best Poster award, First place in IP cell competition, to name a few. Dr. Sheela has been invited to many various external events (National and International) for presentations, guest lectures, key note speaker, panel discussions etc.

Dr.Sheela brings a great deal of passion and energy to share her knowledge with the community. We at DataPlatformGeeks thank her for her unconditional support to our community efforts.

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