Why Attend DPS 2018?(ROI Benefits)

2 Days of Pre-Conference , 3 Days of Conference, 7 Tracks, 30+ Technologies, 50+ Speakers, 90+ Subjects, 100+ Sessions, 300+ Companies, 1000+ Attendees & an unimaginable flow of intelligence & expertise.
Need we say more?

Data Platform Summit 2018 is the only Data Platform Conference in Asia focusing on Microsoft Data Platform and Open Source. The conference is for the Data Platform community to learn new skills and technologies and enhance their existing skills. It is a 3 days learning event with more than 100+ Breakout Sessions, Open-Talks & Chalk-Talks. In addition, prior to the main summit, there are two days of Pre-Conference training for the delegates. Pre-Conference training are full day, deep-dive advanced classes by an international expert on a trending topic related to data & analytics. The Pre-Conference training topics are aligned to the conference tracks.

The seven technology tracks for Data Platform Summit 2018 include: Data Science, Database Administration, Database Development, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Cloud, IoT & NoSQL, Big Data & Open Source. This year, Open Source has been added as the newest track based on feedback by past delegates. The sessions delivered at DPS 2018 will be aligned to these tracks and will scale out on a knowledge level from 200 through 500.

Data Platform Summit is the only Data/Analytics event in Asia where SQL Product Team members fly down from Redmond to deliver advanced sessions on latest technologies. Apart from Program Managers & Data Architects, the conference will also witness full participation from SQL CAT & TIGER teams of Microsoft (Redmond). The 3-day conference will also feature expert sessions from industry leaders & SQL Experts from the community. The conference will bring together the largest crowd of MCMs & MVPs and Microsoft Experts under one roof. A perfect platform to network, explore, learn and get guided by these experts to solve your project issues, to understand product roadmaps, to get clarity about your professional growth and what not.

Data Platform Summit 2017, SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2016 & SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015 were all grand successes that the DataPlatformGeeks community will cherish & remember for a long time.

Top 10 Reasons to Attend Data Platform Summit

  1. Learn From The Makers: Data Platform Summit is the only learning event in Asia where Microsoft Data Group Team Members from Redmond fly down to Bangalore and deliver in-depth sessions on a variety of data & analytics technologies. Be the first to know from the makers, what’s the latest & the best.
  2. Learn From Industry Experts: Microsoft Certified Masters (MCMs), Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), Industry Stalwarts from 15 countries will deliver advanced trainings at DPS 2018. Get guidance from the largest gathering of MCMs & MVPs. You get to meet the MVPs, MCMs, MCTs and Microsoft Experts who extensively worked on SQL Server and gained oceans of knowledge. It’s your turn to fill your bucket. And do remember that every drop counts.
  3. SQL CAT, TIGER, Product & Global Black Belt Teams: All of them at one place? It’s priceless. Meet, network & learn from people who manage some of the toughest & most challenging SQL deployments worldwide.
  4. Grow Your Professional Circle: Connect. Explore. Build professional relationship with 1000+ peers from 300+ companies. Be part of the largest gathering of Data & Analytics professionals.
  5. Up-Skill & Re-Skill Yourself: Do you feel your skillsets are outdated? As per recent studies by major research houses, the IT workforce of India needs major up-skilling and re-skilling to remain competitive and relevant. Give your skills the much-needed boost @ DPS 2018.
  6. Interactive Learning: And you thought summits & conferences were all about boring seminars? At DPS 2018, with Chalk-Talks & Open-Talks, scheduled interactions with speakers & panel-discussions, DPS 2018 is the most versatile learning event in Asia.
  7. Shatter The Ceiling: Your world must have been around a particular technology, but didn’t you want to know what else is made for you? At DPS 2018, we give you the chance-of-a-lifetime to learn more about the other 30+ technologies under the Microsoft Data Platform and Open Source stack. All under one roof.
  8. Project Solutions: Microsoft Program Managers, Principal Program Managers, Group Program Managers, Premier Field Engineers, Escalation Engineers, Data Architects and the like. Learn some real-world stuff from this crowd and implement in your project.
  9. One-Day Deep-Dive Training: Full-Day (9 am to 6 pm), advanced, demo-based, classroom training by an international expert. DPS 2018 has two full days of pre-conference training on latest trending topics. 10 parallel pre-cons.
  10. Conference Material & Certificate of Participation: Irrespective whether you were able to attend a session or not, you get the complete conference material for you to keep. Each delegate receives the certificate of participation as well. Return from this summit with a confidence of knowledge-gain that you can apply right back to your work. With the knowledge you gain, you can even re-train your colleagues and showcase the best you can do with Microsoft Data Platform technologies.

What is the ROI from DPS 2017?

  • To get real-world, advanced training from industry experts whom you can never dream of meeting otherwise (in a bunch)
  • To learn & get insights from the Product Team from Microsoft Redmond (USA). Yes, they too, are traveling in a bunch to DPS 2018.
  • Attend deep-dive sessions from SQL CAT & TIGER teams.
  • To network & connect with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional MVP) awardees & Microsoft Certified Masters (MCM).
  • Meet face-to-face with data professionals/experts from 16+ countries
  • Direct access to product team members – Data Platform, Azure & SQL Server
  • Free-flowing, one-to-one interaction with the speakers. Make connections & professional associations for life
  • Benefit from interactive delivery formats like Open-Talks & Chalk-Talks
  • Special focus on Data Science, Cloud, Analytics, Open Source & Big Data
  • Experience expert level, demo-oriented sessions
  • Know the latest trends/features/innovations in Data & Analytics world
  • Bring your questions. Get instant answers.
  • Two days of 9 am to 6 pm Pre-Con classroom training. 5 classes per day.