Data Platform Summit 2018

Democratizing the Data Platform


By DataPlatformGeeks

August 09 – 11, 2018 (Pre-con on August 7 & 8)

Bangalore, India


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Summit Report


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Quick Facts – DPS 2018


Theme              :            Democratizing The Data Platform

Focus                :            Data, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Dates                :            August 09 -11. Pre-Conference Training – August 07 & 08

Venue               :            Radisson BLU, Bangalore

City                    :            Bangalore

Attendance      :            2910+ (Approximately 950+ each day)

Companies       :            310+

Speakers          :            60+

Total Sessions :            101

Breakout          :            73

Chalk-Talks      :            15

Open-Talks      :            13

Tracks               :            7

DPS Keynote    :            Rohan Kumar (Corporate Vice President, Azure Data, Microsoft, USA)

Day 2 Keynote:             Mark Souza (GM -Microsoft Cloud + Enterprise Engineering - Microsoft Corporation)

Day 3 Keynote:             Anand Raman (GM & Chief of Staff, AI CTO office, Microsoft, USA)



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Data Platform Summit 2018 (hereinafter DPS 2018) is the fourth-edition of Asia’s largest 3-day data & analytics learning event from DataPlatformGeeks community. The event embarked on its successful journey on August 9 and concluded on August 11th. The summit was a grand success with participation from 310+ companies, 950+ delegates per day and speakers from 16 countries.


The 3-day summit was held at Radisson BLU in the Silicon City of India, Bangalore (Karnataka State).  The Keynote for DPS 2018 was delivered by Rohan Kumar, CVP, Microsoft Azure Data, on day one of the summit to a mammoth hall full of data & analytics professionals. On August 7 & 8, two days before the summit, twelve full-day training sessions were also delivered as part of DPS 2018 Pre-Conference training classes.


DPS 2018 hosted 301+ companies comprising of largest Sis in the world, Government institutions, software houses, ISVs and Start-Ups. It was the first time ever, DPS witnessed a strong presence of the Open Source community.




DPS 2018 Group Photo – A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words


DPS 2018 Team


The success of DPS 2018 can be attributed to the continuous urge of the Indian data & analytics professionals to learn the best from the best, and to the inhuman strength & tenacity of a 90-odd squad that belonged to DataPlatformGeeks & eDominer Systems. The 90-member team that supported DPS 2018 include full-time employees of eDominer Systems, DataPlatformGeeks (DPG) core team members and the extra-ordinary young volunteers handpicked from leading institutions in Bangalore.


DPG Core Team


Amit Bansal

Manohar Punna

Sandip Pani

Avanish Panchal

Surbhi Agarwal

Prince Rastogi


eDominer DPS Team


Amit Bansal

Dr. Deepti Pillai

Satya Ramesh

Rohit Reddy

Neenu Das

Meera Gupta


Sahana S

Sreemati Mukherji

Sarala D Niranjan

Mamita Sinha




DPS 2018 Keynote


Rohan Kumar, Corporate Vice President, Azure Data, Microsoft Corporation (Redmond, USA) was the keynote speaker for the 4th edition of Data Platform Summit. Rohan Kumar delivered a mesmerizing 90-minute demo-packed keynote on Microsoft Azure Data Platform along with his core team members from Redmond. As the Corporate Vice President of Azure Data, Rohan is the engineering leader responsible for the product strategy, technical vision, long range plan and strategy, design, development/implementation, engineering process involving the certification and release of SQL Server, and all Azure Data Services.


Rohan Kumar in his keynote speech emphasized few key points: that data continues to grow exponentially, the rate of cloud adoption is increasing and finally, data fuels artificial intelligence. The more data that is collected and processed, the more accurate and powerful the AI algorithms become.





Rohan announced that those running SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2, will have Extended Security Updates, which will help them to secure their workloads for three more years after the end of support deadline of July 9, 2019. In short, this will help in determining if users want to either upgrade to SQL Server 2017 or rehost their applications to Azure with no code changes. Also, SQL Database Managed Instance would be a great option that requires no application code changes for those looking to migrate their on-premise SQL Servers to the cloud.


It was very evident from Rohan Kumar’s keynote that data is ubiquitous. At Microsoft, Rohan and team are enabling a portfolio of solutions to support the entire life cycle of data ingestion, exploration, prep, analysis, and archival. As per him, the most amazing things happen when developers bring together multiple databases and services to build truly unique end-to-end solutions and simply use the right tool for the job.


On day two and three, Data Platform Summit also saw mesmerizing sessions from Mark Souza, Sanjay Mishra & Team, and by Anand Raman. While Mark Souza was on video from Redmond, Sanjay Mishra and team spoke in-depth about Microsoft Data Platform. Anand Raman’s day three opening keynote session on Artificial Intelligence was also a big pull for the crowd. His topic - AI Innovations - The new Enterprise Paradigm, and his video-based case studies were the crowd puller at DPS 2018.


DPS 2018 Quotes & Testimonials



It was an enriching experience as almost all sessions had a working demo and real time example(s) to support the objective that was being driven. Presentations were done meticulously and had enough time for questions from the attendees. The magnitude of the summit was massive and great range of topics were covered. It was very well organized. One thing that the can be considered is to add is to bring in partners/stakeholders who got benefitted from these technologies to share their success stories. That would be a valuable testimonial, give vote of confidence for the participants and wrap the summit with more glory.

Subha Priya Ramadass, Director - Software Engineering, GE (JFTWC)


DPS summit is a great opportunity for data professionals, we get to know about all the Microsoft’s data stack in one platform. It’s an opportunity to come out of the routine and hear from experts on the latest happenings. I learn new things in technology and understand how Microsoft is investing in data space. Thanks to all the speakers and Microsoft leadership for sharing experiences to the community.

Mr. Kalyan Chakravarthi Kata, Head of Content Systems development, India, S&P Global Market Intelligence


It was a great experience meeting so many SQL and Data gurus under the same roof during Data Platform Summit 2018. Year on year, Amit Bansal and his team has been meticulously organizing and making the platform bigger and grandeur. Congratulations for yet another successful Summit.

Mahendra Gupta, AVP, First American India Pvt Ltd.


I found the sessions very valuable – the presenters were experts and had the knowledge & passion for the technology. The event was very well organized, well done to your team. I have recommended this event to more people of ours and I am sure we will have a much bigger team from Thorogood next year.

Prakash Palanisamy, Country Managing Director, Thorogood


Data Platform Summit 2018 Team has really stepped up to deliver differentiated Delegate Experience on Knowledge and Skill. I must admit to say, Experience Speaks while Exposure Matters. Every track in the conference gave a indepth perspective and Open Sessions helped to interact in discussing the problems and finding solutions. Loved the knowledge of speakers and participants - it was productive.

Bala Peddigari, Technology Head – Digital Initiatives, TCS

We always talk about scalable technology which is paramount to manage the exponential growth around us but the need of the hour is scalable learning which is needed to manage these scalable technologies. There is nothing better than community learning to share our knowledge and experience with other and in the process of doing so making learning scalable. Data Platform Summit is just doing that.

Arijit Sengupta, Sr. Manager – Database, Thomson Reuters


A great experience! DPS 2018 Platform gives us an excellent opportunity to learn and get insights about new Microsoft Technologies and its industrial use cases. Lot of interesting sessions and learnings, improved my overall understanding about AI knowledge, its possibilities and its industrial applications. Different sessions with multiple tracks gave very good flexibility in choosing the session based on our interests. Learnings from DPS 2018, helped me to kick start AI based internship projects for my organization. Me and my colleagues have enjoyed the sessions and request DPS to organize such sessions in the future as well. Thanks.

Biju P K, Technology Manager, ABB Corporate Development Centre, Bangalore.



I have been attending the DPS event for last 3 years and every year it is becoming better and better. I want to congratulate the whole DPS team for organizing such a wonderful learning event this year. It was a break for myself and my team from our regular work and be part of this great learning experience. Learning new things about the Microsoft technologies, their new use cases, how AI and ML are helping the eco system to make it a better world. We got a chance to exchange our thoughts and build connect with the eminent speakers as well. Overall great learning experience!! Look forward to attend another such event next year as well.

Atul Jain, Senior Manager (Microsoft technologies), Infosys Ltd.


The feedback from the Kennametal participants was really exceptional.  Especially, the Business Analytics team members who were part of this Summit felt that it caters to the current needs of the team / organization. They were glad to compromise on other events of similar nature in order to attend this DPS Summit. We felt that we have done a right thing from the organization standpoint by expanding the initial planned team size to participate in this event from 1 to 4.

Chandra Mohan Madugula, Senior Manager, Applications Delivery & Operational Excellence, Kennametal.


DPS 2018: Priceless Expressions


Great workshop! We made a right decision to send our team to the summit…First time when I heard about DPS 2018 and only registered for pre-con workshops only however Mr. Amit Bansal convinced us to go for conference as well.  Both workshop and summit were great. This workshop has given our team the tools to better identify opportunities to influence and persuade stake holders we work with to help grow overall business and reach our team goals.

Bheemarayappa Hanabar, Manager Group Digital Services India, Trelleborg


Sessions at DPS 2018 were very detailed and provided a lot of insights into the features and implementation scenarios supported by the various technologies. The quality of speakers, presentation content and discussion around the various use-cases were very well planned and executed. It provided great insight to my team and fast tracked the implementation effort in day to day work. We have been participating in DPS for last 4 years and every year the amount of knowledge we bring back has been enormous. Thanks to all the speakers who travelled from around the world to impart the knowledge and DataPlatformGeeks team for all the effort to put this event together...KEEP IT UP!!!

Hemal Shah, Vice President, Engineering – Gracenote Inc (A Nielsen Company)



Participation @ DPS 2018


DPS 2018 recorded the presence of 950+ unique attendees including 68 top leadership members from 310+ companies on day one. Day one keynote by Rohan Kumar was extraordinary and the mammoth crowd took everyone by surprise. Each and every session at DPS 2018 was full and delegates were seen standing to watch their favourite speak demonstrate key technical concepts. DPS 2018 witnessed participation from nearly 15+ countries.


Top Leadership Participation & Executive Discussion with Rohan Kumar (CVP, Microsoft)


Day one of DPS 2018, saw participation from top leaders of 50+ companies participate in Rohan Kumar’s Keynote as well as the executive round table discussion that was arranged with the Microsoft leader.


Top Leaders @ DPS 2018



SVP, Course5 Intelligence

Senior Director, eBay

CEO & MD, Manthan Software Services Pvt. Ltd

AGM Products, Wiley

Director Commercial, Eli Lilly

Director, Fractal

CDO, TVs Motor

SVP Strategy, Wells Fargo

Chief strategy officer, Fractal Analytics

Founder, Lymbyc

CEO, TheMathCompany

Software Director, GE (JFTWTC)

Director, Symphony Ventures

AVP, Mindtree Ltd

Chairperson, Thorogood Associates

Head of Analytics Platform, Ericsson

Associate Director, Optum Global Solutions

R&D Head of Vertical Business Applications group, Aptean

Vice President, Affine Analytics

Practice Head, AtoS Global IT Services

Vice President - Software & Product Development, Omega Healthcare Management services pvt ltd

Vice President, Gracenote Inc (A Nielsen Company)

Lead Director, Access Healthcare Services Pvt Ltd

Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

Director - Software Development, S&P Global

Director Consulting, CGI

Director, Infrastructure Architecture, S&P Global

Associate Director, Saxo AS

Global Alliances Head - Microsoft Cloud Business, TCS

Vice President, Accenture

Director, IBM

Country Managing Director, Thorogood

MD, Accenture

Director, Quotient Technology Inc

Associate Director, Zeomega

Associate Director, EY

Associate Director, First American (India)

Vice President Technology and Operations, Network 18

Head - India Development Center, Trelleborg

AVP – Projects, Cognizant

BU Head - Global Delivery, Cognizant

AVP, Data Center Operations, Thomson Reuters

Sr. Manager

Practice lead- Data and Analytics, Infosys Limited

COO, Nous Infosystems Pvt Ltd

Associate Director, Scientific Games Pvt Ltd

Sr Software development manager, Nuance India Pvt. Ltd.

Vice President, Virtusa

VP, Societe Generale Global Solution Centre

Global Technology Leader, Tesco

Technology Director, Tesco

Manager, Jeeves Information Systems

TVP. Software Development, PTC

Associate Vice President, Sutherland Global Services

Director, Ericsson





DPS 2018: Rohan Kumar and Anand Raman with VIP Delegates


Delegate Profiles


Data Platform Summit 2018 saw a host of delegates at all levels of designation. While Database Administrators, Engineers, Developers, Consultants, Analysts, Architects and Managers were interested in attending the technical sessions based on their profile, roles & projects; Project Managers, Chief Architects, Chief Data Scientists, AVPs, VPs & CTOs were interested in networking with the senior crowd. Leadership members, Marketing & Sales Heads of top companies were also involved in direct face-to-face discussion with Microsoft leaders, Alliance Heads & Knowledge Partners as part of a special Executive Round Table Discussion & the gala dinner party set up at DPS 2018.


Delegate Roles: DPS 2018 delegate profile consisted of a good mix of C-level leaders, Advisors and members of the technical staff including those in Development, Application Development, Architects, Data Scientists, Big Data & DBAs.





Decision-Makers: At DPS 2018, more than 50% of the delegates were either authorizers or influencers for their team’s decision-making process.





Delegate Designations: DPS 2018 delegates were many, but noticeable designations included project leaders, engineers, Architects, DBAs, Directors & C-level leaders etc.




Experience Level: Majority of the delegates who were part of DPS 2018 were in the experience bracket of 6 to 10 years, followed by 11 to 15 years.






Community Members: Majority of DPS 2018 delegates were registered members of the huge DataPlatformGeeks community. However, nearly 37% delegates were new to the community & the summit.





Alumni: DPS 2018 attracts majority of its delegates from the corporate teams, that keep sending new members every time for the Summit. No wonder, 80% of the delegate crowd had not been part of any of the previous Data Platform Summits.


Days Leading Up To DPS 2018


While reaching out to existing community members was important, like every year, DPS 2018 core team envisaged a detailed plan to reach out to newer companies & enlarge its existing community membership. Towards this objective, DataPlatformGeeks (DPG) team organized 30+ Data Platform Day (DPD) events in various parts of India in run up to the event touching more than 12,500 Data & Analytics professionals. More than 50+ webinars were conducted with global and Indian data & analytics experts. Previous year Summit attendees were also informed about the DPS 2018 and its features.


Data Platform Day, Bangalore



Data Platform Day, Delhi NCR



Data Platform Day, Hyderabad



Data Platform Day, Mumbai



Geographic Distribution


DPS 2018 witnessed delegates from major cities across India. Even though, DPS 2018 was predominantly targeted towards data & analytics professionals in India, the summit witnessed participation from neighbouring countries too.


Global Participation: DPS 2018, even though small in numbers, but was able to attract delegates from more than 15+ nations.

Indian Cities: DPS 2018 was held at Bangalore and hence, Bangaloreans were at majority for the summit, followed by delegates from Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi/NCR






DPS 2018 witnessed participation from major industries including IT/ITES, BFSI, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Energy, Utilities, Public Sector & more.

Industry Verticals: Data & Analytics is the core of all industry verticals, proven by Data Platform Summit 2018 company profiling.


DPS 2018 Technology Focus


DPS 2018 Tracks


DPS 2018 covered the following technology tracks:


·        Data Science (including Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence)

·        Business Intelligence & Analytics

·        Cloud, IoT & NoSQL

·        Big Data & VLDBs

·        Database Administration

·        Database Development

·        Open Source


DPS 2018 parallel sessions in progress





Technology Coverage


DPS 2018 covered many innovations, technologies & subjects from Data, Analytics & AI world. DPS 2018 aimed at providing a complete coverage of Cloud Data, Cloud AI & Cloud Analytics, the breadth and depth of it.




Pre-Conference Training Classes


August 7


·        Migrating Your On-Premise Database To Azure SQLDB/Managed Instance by Sunil Agarwal

·        Power BI From Rookie To Rock Star by Reza Rad

·        A Day Of Intelligent Data Integration With SSIS And ADF by Andy Leonard

·        Azure Cosmos DB Workshop by Madhan Gajendran & the Cosmos DB Team from Microsoft

·        Leading Edge Data Science with Microsoft Tools by Dr. Leila Etaati

·        Troubleshoot And Optimize SQL Server Like A Pro! by Dmitri Korotkevitch

August 8


·        Building Intelligence Applications Using The Microsoft AI Platform by Dr. Leila Etaati

·        Linux For The SQL Server DBA – A Brave New World by Joey D’Antoni

·        Practical R For Everyone by Steph Locke

·        Building A Scalable Data Architecture In Azure by Sanjay Mishra and AzureCAT Team

·        Zero To Analysis Services by Peter Myers

·        High Availability & Disaster Recovery – SQL Server & Azure by Denny Cherry


Learning @ DPS 2018


·        Breakout Sessions: DPS 2018 predominantly had many breakout sessions spread across the 3-days of the summit.


·        Open-Talks: A concept adopted form SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit of 2016, in Open-Talks, delegates are encouraged to talk openly about their project with the experts, with the objective to get instant solutions/knowledge on how to solve it. Open-talks are typically 30 minutes free-flowing discussion on a specific topic. No laptops, no PPTs, no demos – only discussion and Q & A. Topics are pre-decided. The objective is to make the sessions at the Summit, more interactive & result-oriented.


·        Chalk-Talks: The concept of Chalk-Talk was also introduced during SSGAS 2016. Needless to say, it became an instant hit with the audience. In this learning format, data experts write/draw/illustrate the knowledge that they intend to share, rather than follow pre-designed slides. Like Open-Talks, Chalk-Talks are 30-minute sessions focusing on conceptual & architectural understanding, that too with only a whiteboard and a marker.


·        Group Discussions: At DPS 2018, the concept of group discussion was introduced so that delegates can learn by discussing with Microsoft & other experts and with delegates from other companies/verticals.


·        Ask-The-Experts: DPS 2018 also gave the delegates an opportunity to ask open-ended questions to a panel of experts from Microsoft, MCM & MVP community. Delegates came in group to discuss their project issues with Microsoft & other experts.


·        Scheduled Interactions: DPS 2018 also offered its delegates a dedicated time to spend with some select speakers in a way never seen before.


Breakout Session @ DPS 2018


Scheduled Interaction @ DPS 2018


Open-Talk @ DPS 2018


Chalk-Talk @ DPS 2018




Data Platform Summit is a name to reckon with, especially in Asian Data & Analytics community & industry, alike. From the year it was started in 2015 to this year, the 3-day international summit has been the largest and the only Data Platform Conference in Asia focusing on Microsoft Data Technologies + Open Source. The Summit every year, sees more than 100 Breakout Sessions, Open-Talks & Chalk-Talks and deep dive pre-con sessions on SQL Server, BI & Analytics, Cloud, Big Data, AI & related technologies.


DPS 2018 was no different. However, what made it unique was that the conference was moved from a government-run infrastructure to a world-class five-star rated property in the heart of the city of Bangalore. At Radisson BLU, DPS 2018 was more magnificent in its execution as desired by the delegates and speaker community. Considerable investments were made in audio & visuals bringing the best experience to delegates and the speakers. As the feedback says: “DPS 2018 was executed meticulously”.


DPS is a unique conference focussing on Data + AI. Comprising of multiple tracks on Data Science (including Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning), Database Administration, Database Development, Business Intelligence, Cloud & Big Data, DPS provides a comprehensive coverage to the world of data. There was a special focus on Open Source too. The sessions scaled out on knowledge level from 200 through 400 from data experts around the globe. The conference was for the Data/Analytics community to learn new skills and technologies and enhance existing skills. The conference also hosted MCMs, MVPs and Microsoft experts. Hundreds of attendees had the unique opportunity to network with their peers/colleagues, Microsoft experts, global speakers and with Knowledge Partners.


60+ speakers from across the globe were the stalwarts at Data Platform Summit 2018. Rohan Kumar (CVP, Microsoft Corp) was accompanied by SQL Product Team members from Microsoft Corp, Redmond (USA) to Bangalore to deliver advanced sessions on latest innovations in Azure Data space. Apart from Program Managers & Data Architects, the conference also witnessed full participation from SQL CAT & TIGER team of Microsoft (Redmond). Speakers travelled from 16+ nations. It was the first time, India witnessed a unique gathering of 10+ Microsoft Certified Masters under one roof for three full days.


Data & Analytics leaders from 20+ companies leading in the space of Microsoft Data Platform stack joined the Microsoft leadership team at DPS 2018. The gala dinner event of the summit was mesmerizing beyond words and gave the leaders ample time to discuss critical business & project related issues with the Redmond leaders.


DPS is an annual event, and next year, DPS 2019 is scheduled again at Radisson BLU from August 22 to 24. In addition, there will be three days of Pre-Conference Training from August 19 to 21.


Rohan Kumar, along with Vineet Bansal (CEO, eDominer) & Amit Bansal (DPS Chairperson)

Annexure – 1: Delegate Profiles @ DPS 2018



Advance Database Administrator


Analyst IT

Analytics Manager

Analytics Product Manager

Android Developer

App architect - DB

Application Development Team Lead

Application Engineer

Apps Programmer Analyst


Architect - Cloud Services

Assistant Consultant

Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager - Analytics

Assistant Vice President

Associate Consultant

Associate database engineer

Associate Dev manager

Associate Director

Associate Director Technology

Associate General Manager

Associate Manager

Associate Manager Databases

Associate Product Manager

Associate Tech lead

Associate Technical Architect

Associate Technical Lead

Associate Vice President

Associative Software Engineer

BI Architect

BI Consultant

Bigdata Developer

Business Analyst

Business Intelligence Developer


Chief Architect

Chief Data Scientist

Chief Manager IT


Cloud Platforms CoE Manager




Consultant – Advanced Analytics

Consulting Engineer


Data Analytics Architect

Data Platform Architect

Data Scientist

Database Administrator


Database Architect

Database Consultant


Database Lead

Database Specialist

Database Supervisor

DB Administrator

DB Architect


DBA Manager

DBA Team Leader

Delivery Exec

Delivery Manager

Department Head

Deputy General Manager

Deputy General Manager - IT


Deputy Manager - IT

Deputy Sr Manager

Dev Manager



Director - Technology

Director- IT Leadership

Director, Data and Business Intelligence

DWH Developer(Lead)


Engineering Manager

Enterprise Architect

ETL Developer

Executive Director

Expert Database Administrator

Expert Quality Engineer

Expert Software Engineer

Global Head - Microsoft Cloud Business

GM - Corporate Strategy & Business Controls (IT)

Head - Business Analytics

Head- India Sales

Head of Operations

ICT Database & Backup Support

Implementation Specialist

IND IT Support Specialist II

India IT Tech Ops Lead

India Head for QA

IT Analyst


IT Director

IT Engineer

IT Manager

Junior Programmer Analyst

Lead - Database

Lead - People Operations

Lead Analyst

Lead Application Administrator

Lead BI

Lead BI developer

Lead Data Architect

Lead Database Administrator

Lead database developer

lead database engineer

Lead Engineer

Lead Software Developer

Lead Software Engineer

Lead SW Engineer

Management Trainee


Manager - Analytics and Information Management Services

Manager - Data Design & Build

Manager - Database

Manager - Information Platforms

Manager - IT

Manager - Reporting

Manager - System Administration

Manager Compliance

Manager- IT infrastructure operations

Manager IV

Manager Software Development

Manager, IT Applications

Manager, Software Engineering




Module Lead




Practice Director

Practice Head

Practice Head - HSC (HPC/ Big-data)

Principal Consultant

Principal Data Engineer

Principal Engineer

Principal Software Engineer


Principle Application Engineer

Principle Consultant

Principle Software Engineer

Program Manager


Program/ Delivery Manager

Project Lead

Project Leader

Project Manager


Sales Head


Senior Developer - SQL

Senior Analyst


Senior Application Engineer

Senior Architect

Senior Associate

Senior Associate-Technology

Senior Cloud Database Engineer

Senior Consultant

Senior Data Engineer

Senior Database Administrator

Senior Database Developer


Senior Database specialist

Senior Database Administrator

Senior DBA

Senior Development Engineer

Senior Development Manager

Senior Director

Senior Engineer

Senior Engineer Software

Senior ERP Analyst

Senior Executive - IT

Senior Lead Architect

Senior lead database engineer

Senior Lead Software Engineer

Senior Manager

Senior Manager - IT Business Partner

Senior Manager - Software & Product Development

Senior Manager IT

Senior OR Analyst

Senior PM Lead

Senior Principal Architect

Senior Program Manager

Senior Program manager - L5

Senior Project Manager

Senior Software Architect

Senior Software Developer

Senior Software Engineer

Senior SQA

Senior SQL developer

Senior sql developer/DBA

Senior Staff Software Engineer

Senior Tech Project Manager

Senior Technical Consultant

Senior Technical Lead

Senior Technology Manager

Senior VP

senior Consultant

Server Manager

Server Systems

Service Engineer


Services Integration Leader

Snr Finance Systems Specialist

Snr Manager

Software Architect

Software Developer

Software Engineer

Software Engineer - Customization

Software Engineer 2

Software Test Engineer

Software Test Engineer - Data Platforms

Solution Architect



SQL Lead

Sr Architect

Sr Associate

Sr Bigdata Developer

Sr Consultant

Sr data engineer

Sr Database Engineer


Sr DBA Lead

Sr Developer

Sr Digital Advisor

Sr Director

Sr Manager-Technology

Sr Software Engineer

Sr Staff software engineer

Sr Technical Lead

Sr technical member staff 2

Sr Vice President

Sr. Architect

Sr. Associate - Development

Sr. Business Analyst

Sr. Database Engineer

Sr. Engineer- Software

Sr. Program Manager

Sr. Project Manager


Sr. Solution Architect


Sr. SQL Developer

Sr. Systems Engineer

Sr. Tech Lead

Sr. Technology Architect


Sr.Data Platform Consultant

Sr.Database Administrator

Sr.Manager DBA

Staff Consultant

Staff software engineer

System Architect

System Engineer

Team Lead

Team Lead Databases

Team Lead, IT Applications

Team Leader

Tech Lead

Technical Manager

Technical Architect

Technical consultant

Technical Director

Technical Lead

Technical Lead - I

Technical Project Manager - DBA

Technical Specialist

Technology Architect

Technology Manager

Technology Specialist

Test Engineering Analyst

Trainee Database Administrator

Vice President

Vice President - Technical

VP- Production Support


Annexure – 2: Speakers @ DPS 2018



Rohan Kumar

Mark Souza

Anand Raman

Amit Bansal

Ben Weissman

Casey Karst

Damian Widera

Dinesh Priyankara

Edwin Sarmiento

Manohar Punna

Nikhil Patel

Raj Pochiraju

Sandy Winarko

Sourabh Agarwal

Tejas Shah

William Durkin

Abhishek Narain

Ajay Jagannathan

Anupama Natarajan

Arun Khetarpal

Devashish Salgaonkar

Erika Menezes

Hamish Watson

Harsh Raj Thakur

Ilyas F

Janakiram MSV

Joe Yong

Kane Conway

Kapil Raja Durga

Khushboo Gupta

Manish Sharma

Nagaraj Venkatesan

Nikhil Gaekwad

Nilabja Ball

Patrick Flynn

Philip Seamark

Praveen Srivatsa

Rahulinder Singh

Sandeep Alur

Sandeep Unnimadhavan

Satya Ramesh

Sravani Saluru

Sudhakar Sannakkayala

Sudhir Rawat

Swetha Reddy

Andy Leonard

Arvind Shyamsundar

Denny Cherry

Dmitri Korotkevitch

Guru Charan Bulusu

Joey Dántoni

Leila Etaati

Madhan Gajendran

Mandar Inamdar

Peter Myers

Rama Ramani

Rangarajan Srirangam

Reza Rad

Sanjay Mishra

Steph Locke

Sunil Agarwal

Avanish Panchal

Sandip Pani




Annexure – 3: Historical Background


SQL community initiatives were started in 2004 by Amit Bansal. He travelled the length and breadth of India delivering free sessions on SQL Server. The organic growth led to the formation of SQLServerGeeks (SSG) in 2010 which gave a professional shape and structure to the community work.


An outcome of persistent efforts and indomitable perseverance resulted in Asia’s First SQL Conference in the year 2015. At SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015 (SSGAS 2015), 50+ speakers delivered 70+ sessions in 5 tracks across 3 days for 800+ attendees –a remarkable beginning!


Continuing the success, SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2016 (SSGAS 2016) witnessed a bigger and better conference. 3 days, 5 tracks, 70+ speakers, 130+ sessions, 800+ attendees – the learning event was a grand success and embarked its position as a signature tech event of India. The data & analytics professionals in India learnt from the who’s who of the industry. Microsoft SQL CAT Team, SQL TIGER Team, Global Black Belt Team, Product Engineers from Redmond, USA – name it and they were there.


The visionary keynotes from the Corporate Vice Presidents of Microsoft Data Group (Redmond, USA) were an icing on the cake. Overall, an unmatched & unparalleled learning & networking experience.


With changing times, SQLServerGeeks (SSG) has transformed into DataPlatformGeeks (DPG), a broader version covering 30+ technologies in Microsoft Data Platform stack. And thus, the third edition of Asia’s largest SQL conference, was renamed, Data Platform Summit.


The third conference was thus re-named Data Platform Summit 2017. DPS 2017 saw the IT Minister of Karnataka inaugurating the 3-day learning event. More than 200 sessions were delivered by 80+ speakers on the following tracks – Database Administration, Database Development, Data Science, Cloud, IoT & NoSQL, Big Data & VLDBs and Professional Development.

SSGAS 2015 Group Photo


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T.K. Rengarajan @ SSGAS 2015


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Dr. Joseph Sirosh @ SSGAS 2016



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Captures @ DPS 2018

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