DPS 2018 Speaker Announcement – Anand Raman, GM & Chief of Staff, AI CTO office, Microsoft, USA


DPS 2018 Speaker Announcement – Anand Raman, GM & Chief of Staff, AI CTO office, Microsoft, USA

Team DPS is so excited to announce our next speaker! It is unbelievable, but it is true.

Extremely proud and honoured to host the Chief of Staff and Head of Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem from Microsoft Corp. (Redmond, USA) – Anand Raman, at Data Platform Summit this year. Anand will be joining us to share deeper insights on artificial intelligence and data science, and believe us, there is no better expert to talk on this topic. We are thrilled to have him with us.

Anand Raman has held various commendable & senior positions at Microsoft and now drives the efforts in Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem. And here is a  special treat for Data Scientists, Developers & everyone interested in Artificial Intelligence: Anand will be delivering regular breakout sessions, Open-Talks & Chalk-Talks at the conference, Aug 9 to 11.

So, Geeks around the globe, DPS 2018 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact and learn from this very expert who plays an important part in spreading the Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence vision in the community.

We at DPS 2018, are hosting more the 100+ Breakout, Open-Talks & Chalk-Talks sessions. This year, DPS will see highly curated content from the world’s best, delivered at a world class infrastructure, Radisson Blu (Outer Ring Road, Bangalore). Don’t miss out!

Who is Anand Raman?

Anand Raman is the Chief of Staff for Artificial Intelligence Platform and Head of Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem at Microsoft. Previously, he was the Chief of Staff for Microsoft Azure Data Group covering Data Platforms and Machine Learning. In the last decade, he ran the product management and the development teams at Azure Data Services, Visual Studio and Windows Server User Experience teams at Microsoft. Anand holds a degree in Computational fluid mechanics and worked several years as researcher before joining Microsoft.

DPS Team, DPG Team & eDominer welcomes Anand Raman to DPS 2018.

We’ve got more big announcements around the corner, so watch this space for further details.

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