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DPS 2018 Session List (Part 1 – May)

We thought of sharing the 54 sessions of DPS 2018 (Part1 Release) right here in inbox. From SQL CAT to TIGER teams from Redmond, from Program Managers to global MVPs, from Certified Masters to Industry veterans – DPS 2018 is witnessing highly curated content from world’s best trainers. And to top it all, 12 full-day classes by 11 international experts on Aug 7 & 8. Evaluate with your team members and plan to attend.

(Session Release Part 1. Release Date: 16th May, 2018. Session Count: 54. Two more parts will be released in upcoming months (June & July) until the conference and more speakers will be announced in the coming weeks. Please note that DPS 2018 summit & pre-con pass prices increase from June 1)

  • Building your Big Data and Advanced Analytics Pipeline on Azure using Azure Data Factory by Abhishek Narain
  • Azure SQL Database – the intelligent cloud database on autopilot that lets you focus on your business by Ajay Jagannathan
  • Modernize your data estate on Microsoft’s Azure Relational Database Platform (Azure SQL Database, PostgreSQL, MySQL by Ajay Jagannathan / Sudhakar Sannakkayala
  • Improving data quality with Data Science and Machine Learning (no math required!) by Allen O’Neill
  • SQL Server Memory Internals by Amit Bansal
  • Designing an SSIS Framework by Andy Leonard
  • Faster SSIS by Andy Leonard
  • Creating your first intelligent Bot by Anupama Natarajan
  • Deep Dive into SSRS2017 REST API by Anupama Natarajan
  • ETL and DWH Design with Metadata by Ben Weissman
  • The Self-Tuning SSIS Package by Ben Weissman
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Azure Databricks: Integration for the Modern Data Warehouse by Casey Karst
  • Travelling in time with SQL Server 2016 by Damian Widera
  • U-SQL in great depth by Damian Widera
  • How to Maintain the Same Level of utilities in Cloud Deployments – Securability, Reliability and Scalability”. by Denny Cherry
  • Storage for the DBA by Denny Cherry
  • Deploy and Manage SQL Server Configuration as a CODE by Devashish Salgaonkar
  • My practical Experiences with a large scale Azure SQL DB deployment by Devashish Salgaonkar
  • Making unstructured data analysis-ready using Data Lake Analytics by Dinesh Priyankara
  • Deep Dive into Blocking and Deadlocks Troubleshooting by Dmitri Korotkevitch
  • Getting Started with Linux for the SQL Server DBA by Edwin Sarmiento
  • Leveraging Microsoft PowerShell for Managing SQL Server VMs on Amazon AWS by Edwin Sarmiento
  • Building a Database DevOps Pipeline in the Cloud under 59 minutes by Hamish Watson
  • Test Driven Development in SQL Server – how to deploy database code safer by Hamish Watson
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse: best practices and lessons learned by Joe Yong
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse: your PB scale cloud data warehouse and big data platform by Joe Yong
  • Cloud Application Development & Deployment by Joey D Antoni
  • Introduction to Azure Infrastructure by Joey D Antoni
  • End To End Data Science Solution: Azure ML Workbench by Leila Etaati
  • Machine Learning Revolution with Azure Databricks by Leila Etaati
  • Big Data on Azure: Processing, Wrangling & Analyzing Datasets using Scalable Programming Languages by Luan Moreno
  • Use Cases & Best Practices of Big Data on Microsoft Azure by Luan Moreno
  • Real-Time Analytics with Power BI by Manohar Punna
  • Stretching using Polybase by Nagaraj Venkatesan
  • Adaptive Query Processing and Automatic Tuning by Nagaraj Venkatesan
  • Database Corruption – Advanced Recovery Techniques by Patrick Flynn
  • Supercharge your Database Management with DBATools by Patrick Flynn
  • Power BI Embedded Analytics by Peter Myers
  • The A-Z of Power BI Dashboards by Peter Myers
  • Data modelling for Power BI using brand new Analysis Services features by Philip Seamark
  • Practical DAX for Power BI by Philip Seamark
  • Migrating to Azure: Moving from on-premises SQL Server and Oracle databases to Azure by Raj Pochiraju
  • M and Power Query Beyond Limits by Reza Rad
  • Power BI On Premises – Report Server by Reza Rad
  • Embrace and Extend: First-Class Activity and 3rd Party Ecosystem for SSIS in ADF by Sandy Winarko
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Running SQL Server On Linux by Sourabh Agarwal / Tejas Shah
  • Troubleshooting Always On Availability Group Failovers by Sourabh Agarwal / Tejas Shah
  • What’s Next – SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery by Sourabh Agarwal / Tejas Shah
  • Anchor Modelling: Agile databases by Steph Locke
  • Probability & Statistics 1010 by Steph Locke
  • Maximizing the Query Performance with Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server by Sunil Agarwal
  • Strategies to certify your SQL Server application in the Cloud era by Sunil Agarwal
  • Query Store without SQL 2016 = Open Query Store by William Durkin
  • SQL Server Replication: What, How, Why by William Durkin

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In case you are not updated, this year, DPS happens at Radisson BLU (Outer Ring Road). We now have a world class infrastructure to offer our delegates: A PERFECT 5-star experience.

Here is the list of Full-Day Classes on Aug 7 & 8.

  • Migrating your on-premise database to Azure SQLDB/Managed Instance – Why and How?

By Sunil Agarwal, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft, USA

  • Power BI from Rookie to Rock Star

By Reza Rad, Data Analysis & BI Expert, MVP, New Zealand

  • A Day of Intelligent Data Integration with SSIS and ADF

By Andy Leonard, SSIS Expert, Chief Data Engineer, USA

  • Zero to Analysis Services

By Peter Myers, BI & Data Analytics Expert, MVP, Australia

  • Building Intelligence Applications using the Microsoft AI Platform

By Dr. Leila Etaati, Data Scientist & Artificial Intelligence MVP, New Zealand

  • Leading Edge Data Science with Microsoft Tools

By Dr. Leila Etaati, Data Scientist & Artificial Intelligence MVP, New Zealand

  • Troubleshoot and Optimize SQL Server Like A Pro!

By Dmitri Korotkevitch, Microsoft Certified Master, MVP, USA

  • Linux for the SQL Server DBA–A Brave New World

By Joey D’ Antoni, Data Platform MVP, USA

  • Practical R for everyone

By Steph Locke, Data Science Expert, MVP, UK

  • Building a Scalable Data Architecture in Azure

By Sanjay Mishra, Principal Program Manager, DataCAT, Microsoft, USA & Azure CAT Team from Microsoft

  • Azure Cosmos DB Workshop

By Madhan Gajendran, Azure Cosmos DB Expert, Microsoft & Cosmos DB Team from Microsoft

  • High Availability  and Disaster Recovery – SQL Server & Azure

By Denny Cherry, Microsoft Certified Master, MVP, USA

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