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Azure SQL – What to Use When – by Anna Hoffman – Click Here
SQL Server Ground to Cloud – by Buck Woody (Microsoft) – Click Here
Top Five Query Tuning Tricks – by Amit Bansal – Click Here

Microsoft Technology Center (India) is doing MS Build Recap – Join Them
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Have You Heard of Azure SQL Family?
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Data Platform Summit 2020 – The Big News is Coming!
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Hands-On-Lab of The Day (Promoted)
• SQL Server Storage Internals – Part 2. Click Here.

SQLMaestros Video Courses (Promoted)
• SQL Server Performance Tuning & T-SQL Querying & Programming Video Courses: Learn More

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• Do you want to join DPG as a Regional Mentor? No, it is not a full time job, rather an opportunity to contribute back to the technical community. Learn More.

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