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Time to put the learning hat ON. Starting from tomorrow, webinars begin. Learn More.

Tomorrow (Tuesday):

DAX: Calculated Column vs. Measure by Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen

Abstract: DAX (Dynamic Analysis Expressions) is a formula language to enrich imported data with calculated columns, calculated tables and measures in Power BI, Excel and Analysis Services. While the syntax of the language is derived from Excel’s formula language and easy to learn, some of the functions are hiding a complex semantic. This talk starts on a zero DAX knowledge level but will introduce advanced concepts. We will concentrate solely on numeric calculations. You will learn the difference between calculated columns and measures and between row context and filter context. We will discuss how CALCULATE operates. Markus will gently walk you through different examples of increasing complexity which will pick your brain – don’t forget to bring your favorite hot beverage to stay focused during this 60min!


SQL on Kubernetes by Ben Weissman & Anthony Nocentino

Abstract: Join Data Platform MVPs Anthony Nocentino and Ben Weissman as they walk you through the installation of a SQL Server on fresh Kubernetes Cluster, which will also be deployed during the session. While they explain the required steps, they will also chat about advantages and reasons on why you should learn Kubernetes and ways of leveraging it for your on-prem, cloud or hybrid data strategy.

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Updates @ DPS 2021:
Microsoft has joined DPS in a big way. Check out the Training Classes and Breakout Sessions by Microsoft Product Managers, Engineers & Architects.
Book a Training Class and you get a complimentary pass to the main event (the Summit) + recordings.

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An Appeal to the SQL Community
Ahmad was a SQL professional who helped the SQL community globally. An avid author & speaker, he wrote books and delivered sessions for the community. A humble & kind-hearted individual, he was always willing to help others, unconditionally.

Ahmad passed away at the tender age of 36, leaving behind his mother, sister, wife & two-month-old son. An unimaginable tragedy. Ahmad was the only earning member of his family. The fundraiser will support Ahmad’s wife, Shakeeba Javed. Let’s support her so that she can give quality education & life to their son.

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