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Here are the learning updates for the week.


  • This Thursday, join the online training on Query Tuning. It costs nothing. Learn More.


  • All the training class recordings from DPS 2020 & 2021 have been put in a single place for you to access – Peopleware India. Learn More.
  • Approx 50 full-fledged courses for you to upskill yourself.


  • More than 300 sessions are available for viewing from DPS 2020 & 2021. The complete Azure Data Platform stack is being covered. Learn More.

A word from our sponsors, SQLMaestros.


  • SQLMaestros Master Classes
  • New batches for SQL Server Performance Tuning – Fast Track & Master Class versions have been announced. Learn More.


  • Video Course – SQL Server Performance Tuning (Master Track):
  • Upcoming 50-hour course with comprehensive coverage of SQL internals and tuning at an advanced level. Learn More.


  • SQL Server Performance Tuning Lab Kit:
  • Lab Kits are a collection of Hands-On-Labs focused on Performance Tuning. Learn More.


Stay tuned, more learning coming your way.

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Courses available on Peopleware India

  • Demystifying Design Principles and Building Impactful Reports in Power BI (by Reid Havens)
  • Azure Synapse Analytics – From Data Ingestion to Visualization (by Wolfgang Strasser)
  • PowerShell For the DBA – Let’s Do It! (by Ben Miller)
  • Execution Plans In Depth By Hugo Kornelis (by Hugo Kornelis)
  • 10 Rules A Database Developer Must Know (by Uwe Ricken)
  • SQL Server Performance Tuning – Fast Track (by Amit Bansal)
  • The Future Of Deployment For Modern Data Platform Applications (by Ben Weissman & Anthony E Nocentino)
  • Data Engineering Best Practices Using Azure Data Factory (by Abhishek Narain, Sunil Sabat & Linda Wang)
  • Getting The Best Out Of SQL Managed Instance In 2021 (by Niko Neugebauer, Vitor Tomaz, Vitor Pombeiro & Nevena Nikolic)
  • It’s Time To Learn DAX (by Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen)
  • An End To End Migration And Modernization Journey Of Your Applications And Workloads To Azure (by Ajay Jagannathan, Raj Pochiraju, Rajesh Setlem, Alexandra Ciortea, & Mohamed Kabiruddin)
  • Big Data & Analytics With SQL Server 2019 Big Data Cluster (by Niels Berglund)
  • An Enterprise-Friendly Framework For Implementing Power BI Projects (What Comes After The 5 Minutes To Wow For An Enterprise) (by Dr. Greg Low)
  • Build Your Own End To End SQL Server Deployment Pipeline (For Under $1 A Day) (by Alex Yates)
  • SQL Server: Advanced Training for Azure VM Deployments (by David Pless, Pam Lahoud, Amit Khandelwal, Tejas Shah, & Aditya Badramraju)
  • The Azure SQL Workshop (by Bob Ward & Anna Hoffman)
  • Self-Service AI with Power BI Desktop (by Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen)
  • The SQL Server DBA’s Guide to Docker Containers (by Edwin M Sarmiento)
  • Getting Started with Azure Data Factory (by Andy Leonard)
  • Practical Data Engineering with Azure Synapse Analytics (by Warner Chaves)
  • Power BI – Data Visualization (by Yana Berkovich)
  • Power BI Desktop Data Modeling End-to-End (by Peter Myers)
  • Kubernetes Zero to Hero – Installation, Configuration, and Application Deployment (by Anthony Nocentino)
  • Deep Dive SQL Server Migration To Azure SQL (by Raj Pochiraju & Mukesh Kumar)
  • Analyze and Optimize your SQL Server (by Uwe Ricken)
  • Data Science Algorithms (by Dejan Sarka)
  • Building Enterprise-Grade Data Pipelines Using Synapse Pipelines in Azure Synapse Analytics (by Abhishek Narain)
  • SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters In A Day (by Ben Weissman)
  • Powershell And SQL Server With DBATools (by Rob Sewell)
  • Data-Loading And Transformation Strategies For Modern Cloud-Based Data Warehouses (by Benjamin Kettner)
  • Microsoft Conversational AI Master Class (by Prashant G Bhoyar)
  • The Beginner’s Guide To Advanced Performance Tuning (by Erik Darling)
  • Applying Forensic Accounting Techniques To Data Analysis In Python And SQL (by Kevin Feasel)
  • A to Z Azure Cosmos DB (by Hasan Savran)
  • Machine Learning for Developers (by Anupama Natarajan)
  • Maximum ROI – How To Optimise Your Azure SQL Database Platform And Applications (by Martin Cairney)
  • DAX In A Day (by Philip Seamark)
  • SQL Server Performance Tuning – Fast Track (by Amit Bansal)
  • Transact-SQL Querying – Fast Track (by Amit Bansal)
  • Transact-SQL Programming – Fast Track (by Amit Bansal)
  • SQL Server Performance Tuning – Fast Track (Online) (by Amit Bansal)
  • SQL Server Performance Tuning Master Class (Online) (by Amit Bansal)
  • SQL Server Performance Tuning – Fast Track (Class Recordings) (by Amit Bansal)

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