April Webinars In Full Flow. DPS 2018 New Speaker Announcements.

First, sincere thanks to those who booked their passes for DPS 2018 Summit & Pre-Cons. The mega learning event is already touching 300 delegates and we still have more than 100 days to go.

Why are people booking early? Well, in the early months, pass prices are low and the community is taking full advantage of that. DPS 2018 is an international learning event for the community, by the community. We will love that you gain entry into this spectacular event by paying the lowest price ever. Now, the prices will increase from May 1. The only opportunity to learn from Microsoft Experts from Redmond, MVPs, MCMs & veterans from 15 countries. Check out DPS 2018 Website to see the MASTERS that have been announced till now. More to come.

Let’s talk about other things.

DPG Webinars (Free)

  • April Webinars are going on in full flow.
  • Peter Myers mesmerized the audience with his SSAS session on April 3.
  • Next webinar is on April 5. Topics include Azure Analysis Services, Cosmos DB, DAX, R Programming, SQL Server, SQL Hacking, Power BI and much more.
  • Browse the schedule/topics and choose the right ones for yourself. Please DO NOT randomly select all the webinars. Please go through the list carefully and choose the right session for yourself. In short, “Click To Attend” only the ones that are relevant for you since we have limited seats.
  • If you want to watch recorded webinars, log in to the webinars section. You can also subscribe to our You Tube channel.

How To Register for DPG Webinars & In-Person Events

  • For Existing Users: Navigate to DataPlatformGeeks (DPG). Login with your credentials. Go to Free Events Section from the menu. Click on the event/webinar of your choice. Click To Attend. Do ensure that you have received the confirmation mail for the event you ‘Clicked to Attend’.
  • For New Users: Navigate to DataPlatformGeeks (DPG). Create your free account (One-Time Registration). Login with your credentials. Go to Free Events Section from the menu. Click on the event/webinar of your choice. Click To Attend. Do ensure that you have received the confirmation mail for the event you ‘Clicked to Attend’.

Data Platform Summit 2018 New Announcements

  • DPS 2018 Pre-Con Teaser is out. And it is mesmerizing. Watch Now.
  • New Speaker Announcements are constantly going happening. Sandy Winarko (China), Patrick Flynn (Australia), Joe Young (USA), Damian Widera (Poland),  Philip Seamark (New Zealand), Hamish Watson (New Zealand), Nikhil Gaekwad (MS, USA), Ben Weissman (Germany), Abhishek Narain (Microsoft China) and many other stalwarts have been announced. Check out DPS 2018 Website. More announcements happening this week.
  • New pre-con from Denny Cherry has been added. Topic: High Availability and Disaster Recovery – SQL Server & Azure.
  • You will be surprised to know that your organization may already be participating in DPS 2018 through corporate nominations. Why not check with the DPS Team? Call +91 9606482133, +91 8217320907.

SQLMaestros Accelerators Are Happening Again

  • The popular SQLMaestros classroom & online training is coming back. If you are keen on SQL Server Performance Tuning subject, take a short survey and tell us what would you like to learn. Click Here.
  • Instructor for SQLMaestros classes is Amit Bansal

New SQL Videos

A note from DPS Team:

Attend DPS 2018 only if you are serious about Microsoft Data Platform & you want deep technical content. What Should Be Your DPS 2018 Strategy? Attend one or two pre-cons of your choice + the regular conference sessions. And this is exactly what your colleagues should be doing. Post the summit, you get all the conference material. Share your knowledge with your team members and learn from each other. We have designed five different packages for your convenience.

DPS 2018 & Pre-Con Pass prices increase from May 1. So convince your teams & managers today. Ask for sponsorship & leave during August dates. You ought to attend this. After all, it is your career!

Discount Code: DPS2018

Questions? Email contact@dataplatformsummit.in | Call +91 9606482133, +91 8217320907

We sincerely hope that you are benefiting from our community efforts.


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