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Data is at the very core of what you do each day. In any role, at any level, you need to work with data in the most efficient way. DataPlatformGeeks community brings to you multiple learning opportunities so that you can stay relevant with cutting-edge technologies in the data & analytics world.


  • SQLServerGeeks is conducting an online training course on Query Tuning next week. Don’t miss. It costs nothing. Learn More.



  • Data Platform Virtual Summit 2022 is announced. Registrations are now open (DPS is available at no cost this year). All to join. All to learn. Reserve your spot now.


  • All the training class recordings from DPS 2020 & 2021 have been put in a single place for you to access – Peopleware India. Learn More.
  • Approx 50 full-fledged courses for you to upskill yourself.

A word from our Sponsors, SQLMaestros.

SQL Server Query Tuning & Optimization Recordings are available now. 28 hours of content. Learn More.

Stay tuned, more learning coming your way.

DPG Team

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