Session Title: DBAs getting more done in less time with PowerShell
Speaker: Ben Miller

Abstract: Have you thought about how you would use PowerShell to do your Administrative work with SQL Server? This session is all about practical use of the PowerShell to actually do DBA work on a daily basis. In this session I will cover using DbaTools module, SqlServer module and combine that with PowerShell Notebooks in Azure Data Studio. You will learn different ways to backup databases and to restore databases as well as quickly find out when each database was backed up. I will also cover how you can use TSQL in PowerShell to get information to store for trending. From AdHoc backups and restores, to automated tasks to gather data for trending and combining these concepts in a PowerShell Notebook to create habits and transportable insights into your environment, this session is a great way to take the PowerShell you know and use it to do actual work. This session is not meant to teach you PowerShell, but to show you how you can use it more effectively.

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