DataPlatformGeeks and eDominer teams successfully executed FOUR webinars and TWO in-person events in the month of October, 2019.

  • On 19th February, Adin Ermie (MVP, Canada) delivered a session on “Introduction to Azure Security” which covered common scenarios where security is a must.
  • On 21st February, Vijay Reddy (Regional Mentor, DPG) gave a session to the SQL Geeks on “SQL Server Data Partitioning”. The session was houseful with more than 100 attendees!
  • On 26th February, Sandip Pani (Regional Mentor, DPG) delivered a session on the latest “Introduction to Feature Engineering – Machine Learning
  • On 28th February, Viresh Kumar (Microsoft) delivered a 1 hour session on “Azure Data Bricks” with lots of demos.

    All the webinars received great attendance and feedback from the community! In February, we also had full-day, multi-track, in-person events in Bengaluru and Hyderabad which saw attendance of 200+ data & analytics professionals in each of the events.

    We have uploaded the recorded versions of all the above webinars on our youtube channel. Great efforts again by DataPlatformGeeks & eDominer Teams. Below you can find the event resources, webinar pics and more.

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  • DPG webinar by Adin Ermie – 19 February – LinkedIn & Facebook
  • DPG webinar by Vijay Reddy – 21 February – LinkedIn & Facebook
  • DPG webinar by Sandip Pani – 26 February – LinkedIn & Facebook
  • DPG webinar by Viresh Kumar – 28 February – LinkedIn & Facebook
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    DPG webinar by Adin Ermie – 19 February – Click Here
    DPG webinar by Vijay Reddy – 21 February – Click Here
    DPG webinar by Sandip Pani – 26 February – Click Here
    DPG webinar by Viresh Kumar – 28 February – Click Here

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