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SQL Server Day - Bangalore, 18 January 2014
Session 1: MAP-REDUCE Framework by Sudhir Rawat
In this session, we will discuss about how map-reduce framework works to extract out the data from distributed file system. After making slide-deck, PC, whiteboard demos, this time I will try my audience to do demo for me. It’s going to be tricky to demonstrate step by step but I am sure you will enjoy while learning it.

Session 2: Async Programming with SQL Broker by Praveen Srivatsa (CEO, AsthraSoft)
SQL Broker is a queue based infrastructure inside of SQL server that allows asynchronous processing of messaging. In this session, we take a look at how we can leverage the Service broker infrastructure of SQL Server to create a messaging based application.

Session 3: Quick hot things while using SSMS to save precious DBA time by Ashish Kuriyal
Come and learn some SSMS tips from Ashish that will make you more productive.

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SQL Server Day - Gurgaon, 11 January 2014
Session 1: Optimisation from the field: Parallelism by Ahmad Osama (Regional Mentor – Delhi NCR,
Know-how on parallelism and CXPACKET wait type.

Session 2: SQL Server Separation of Duties – Security Redefined by Sarabpreet Singh Anand (Vice President, MVP)
Are you always worried about the data security? You don’t want your DBA to see what’s there in your Database? You want to avoid granting elevated privileges? If yes, come and join this session where Sarabpreet Singh will explain the tricks of trade and ways to avoid all these issues in your mission critical environment.

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