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Congratulations #DPS10 you made a grand success again ? I really wowed by DPS team efforts in fulling every Vow. Well enjoyed in the Journey of DPS 2019 with Incredible speaker sessions,interesting talks with participants and the world class hospitality. I felt awful for two things one is for missing second day and another thing missing to thank Amit in person. Thanks a Million to Amit and Whole DPS team for hosting a fantastic Platform. Wish all geeks will meet and rocks again in DPS2020 !!!!!!!!
Aditya Kiran, Sr. Consultant @Tata Consultancy Services
Excellent community event with loads of information sharing and gathering. Enjoyed all individual sessions and round table meetings with various technologists and Microsoft experts from Redmond. We should grow this community and bring more awareness about it to all our friends and colleagues….this is really helpful to get to know about the latest trending technologies, its applications and business use cases. Sessions with live hands-on topics can quickly remove the entry barriers in learning and implementing new technologies and it allows us to immediately use those technologies in our job without much training on it – I would say it is an amazing way of learning without struggling much! Never miss such opportunities….
Biju P K, Architect ABB
It was a nice event with few sessions very enlightening. Loved the session for Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning with Keras. Chalk sessions were also interesting. In all it was a good event. Thank you organizers and speakers for this.
Supriya Deverkonda, Passion to drive data and Analytics driven insights

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I found the sessions very valuable – the presenters were experts and had the knowledge & passion for the technology. The event was very well organized, well done to your team. I have recommended this event to more people of ours and I am sure we will have a much bigger team from Thorogood next year.
Prakash Palanisamy, Country Managing Director, Thorogood
Data Platform Summit 2018 Team has really stepped up to deliver differentiated Delegate Experience on Knowledge and Skill. I must admit to say, Experience Speaks while Exposure Matters. Every track in the conference gave a indepth perspective and Open Sessions helped to interact in discussing the problems and finding solutions. Loved the knowledge of speakers and participants – it was productive.
Bala Peddigari,, Sr. Manager – Database, Thomson Reuters
We always talk about scalable technology which is paramount to manage the exponential growth around us but the need of the hour is scalable learning which is needed to manage these scalable technologies. There is nothing better than community learning to share our knowledge and experience with other and in the process of doing so making learning scalable. Data Platform Summit is just doing that.
Arijit Sengupta, Sr. Manager – Database, Thomson Reuters

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First time I am attending DPS 2017… my experience is really good… a lot of knowledge I am taking back to my company & my projects, gave me a good time to network, get insights from others to solve my project related problems… DataPlatformGeeks should keep doing this every year without fail…
Prasad Omanwar, Project Manager, Mphasis
It has been an amazing journey all these three days… a wide variety of topics were covered… I have sent my teams to many summits, but DPS 2017 is simply adding Summit 1 + Summit 2 +… and the list goes on… great speakers, good crowd… we can see a summit of this magnitude in other countries only… not in India… I can see that people are facing challenges as to attend which sessions, as all are so very important & good…
Dr. Sheela Siddappa, Global Delivery Head (Analytics Services), Bosch
Wonderful experience… a very good opportunity to learn about Microsoft technologies and other products… and meeting all great speakers, sessions were very helpful in terms of knowledge-gain… I am going to implement these in our POCs… we had some hiccups in our project and with the inputs I got from DPS 2017, I am going to fix those POC…
Arunkumar Tata Ramantha, Technology Manager (Big Data), Sapient

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SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2016 TESTIMONIALS


I cannot find a better platform than SSGAS to learn and share about what is happening around Microsoft SQL Server and related technologies. Topics cover length and breadth one can imagine from best of the industry. I am glad Amit and team were able to run this very successfully for two consecutive years and I think all the speakers who are contributing, this truly helps in taking the talent in India to next level.
Lakshmana Kumar, Director, Database Administration, S&B Global
Joseph Sirosh, Executive Vice President from Microsoft gave the keynote. I’m not sure if you realize it or not, but that’s huge. The man in charge of the cloud platform at Microsoft attended the event and gave a talk to set the tone for the whole event. Along with Mr. Sirosh, we got a talk from Rimma Nehme, one of the chief scientists at Microsoft setting the direction for the Data Platform. It’s a testament to the type of people and the influence they must wield within the India IT sector that these people were there.
Grant Fritchey, Redgate, UK
The coverage and exposure our associates received truly laid the foundation to construct and build next generation solutions in Data Platform. SSGAS was an event to network, connect with experts and capture more insights wonderful and rocking conference
Bala Prasad Peddigari, Technology Head – TCS

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SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015 TESTIMONIALS


It was fabulous to be a part of SQLServerGeeks family for 3 days. We would like to see more and more events to happen across india at least quarterly once.
Nimmagadda Sitarama Sastry
Speakers were great. What to say about MCM , MVP & MCSM. It was a treat to see and hear them in person. Speakers like Nauzad and Sunil, Benjamin truely parted their knowledge.
Parag Bandkar
All session are good and interaction with them about doubt also good , they handle all query very well. over all good experience.
Ashwani, Technology Head – TCS

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