Data Platform Summit 2019 Tour by Amit Bansal



Gayle Sheppard (Corporate Vice President, Azure Data, Microsoft, USA) Delivering Keynote @ DPS 2019


Rohan Kumar (Corporate Vice President, Azure Data, Microsoft, USA) Delivering Keynote @ DPS 2018


Joseph Sirosh (Corporate Vice President, Data Group, Microsoft) Delivering Keynote @ SSGAS 2016


T.K. “Ranga” Rengarajan (Corporate Vice President for Data Platform, Microsoft, USA) Delivering Keynote @ SSGAS 2015

DPS Round-Tables

DPS introduced a new learning and knowledge-transfer feature for its senior audience – both at executive level and technical leadership level. This new initiative was called “DPS Round Tables” which were closed-room discussions, and these were an instant hit with the audience. There were three types of round tables designed for the delegates:
1. Women-In-Technology Round Table for women leaders in technology
2. Executive Round Tables for Executive Leadership and Organization Heads
3. Technology Round Tables for Technology Leaders

Women in Technology Round Table

WIT pic2
WIT pic
WIT pic4
WIT group pic

Executive Round Tables

Executive pic1
Executive pic2
Executive pic3
Executive pic4

Technical Round Tables

Technical 1
Technical 2
Technical 3
Technical 4

Breakout sessions

Breakout sessions are of 75 minutes each, where experts will deliver basic to expert level concepts using PPTs and supporting demos for 60 minutes and takes Q & A for last 15 minutes. Most popular way of learning worldwide.

Technical 1
Technical 2
Technical 3
Technical 4


Chalk-Talks are short-duration sessions (30 minutes) focusing on conceptual & architectural understanding, that too with only a whiteboard and marker at the disposal of the expert. No Laptops, no PPTs, no demos – only whiteboard-ing!

Chalktalk T1
Chalktalk T2
Chalktalk T3
Chalktalk T4


Open-Talks are another revolutionary learning methodology followed at Data Platform Summits. Open-Talks are 30 minutes free-flowing discussion on a specific topic. No laptops, no PPTs, no demos – only discussion and Q & A. Topic will be pre-decided.

Opentalk T1
Opentalk T2

Ask-The-Experts & Community Zone

DPS also gave the delegates an opportunity to ask open-ended questions to a panel of experts from Microsoft, MCM & MVP community. Delegates came in groups to discuss their project issues with Microsoft & industry experts.


Microsoft Clinic at Microsoft Booth

MS booth_T1
MS booth_T2
MS booth_T3
MS booth_T4

VIP & Delegate Dinner

2019 vip dinner_T1
2019 vip dinner_T2
2018 vip dinner_T1
2018 vip dinner_T2

Loads of Networking & Fun

2019 networking_T1
2019 networking_T2
2018 networking_T1
2018 networking_T2