DataPlatformGeeks begins the new year with a full-day, multi-track event at Microsoft office in Bengaluru (Bellandur) on Feb 2. Yes, this new year of 2019 will see a new version of our popular Data Platform Day event, where you get more value of your time.

Data Platform Day events will be full-day, multi-track events. The event, as always, is absolutely free. You just need to buy your own lunch at Microsoft Cafeteria for Rs. 100.

Feb 2 event will have three parallel tracks and 5 sessions in each track. So approximately, there will be a total of 15 sessions. Content/Topics/Session will spread across Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Data Science, Azure, Big Data, NoSQL & SQL Server. Speakers will be from Microsoft & industry veterans.

While we are still finalizing the sessions and speakers, you can go ahead and block your seat for this mega Data Platform Day event. Please note that seats are limited and on first-come-first-serve basis.

Lunch Arrangements (please read carefully):

• Data Platform Day on Feb 2 is a free, full-day, multi-track, in-person event. But you have to compulsorily buy your own lunch at Microsoft Cafeteria for Rs. 100.
• Since seats are limited, and therefore, we are encouraging registrations from only those DPG members who are willing to participate in the event from 9 am to 5 pm (full day).
• Half-day attendance (before or after lunch) is strictly prohibited.
• Lunch coupons have to be compulsorily purchased before the start of the event between 8 am and 9 am when you arrive. DataPlatformGeeks have worked out a highly subsidized rate of Rs 100 at Microsoft Cafeteria for DPG members. The 100 rupee coupon will allow you unlimited meal at the cafeteria.


• Why is the lunch coupon compulsory?
As stated earlier, Data Platform Day is a full day event targeted towards people who wish to learn with us for the whole day and are willing to spend their Saturday with us, learning & networking. To ensure that lunch is available for our attendees who are there for the whole day, we have to give Microsoft Cafeteria a confirmed number so that lunch can be prepared accordingly. To achieve that, buying a lunch coupon @ INR 100 is compulsory. And we strongly discourage half-day attendance. Lunch coupon is just 100 rupees (highly subsidized) which you pay directly to the Microsoft Cafeteria.

• Can I attend the event half-day?
We encourage full-day participation. If you still want to leave the event in between, you may do so. But still, you have to buy the lunch coupon in the morning when you arrive.

• Can I come in second half?
No. Registrations will close at 9.30 am.

• I don’t want to have lunch at Microsoft Cafeteria. I prefer to eat outside and come back. Is that possible?
As mentioned earlier, buying the lunch coupon is compulsory, even if you wish to eat somewhere else.

• Apart from buying the lunch coupon, do I need to pay for anything else?
No. The event is absolutely free. You are just buying your own lunch coupon.

Final Thoughts:
It’s a full day event with lot of learning and networking. You are just buying your own lunch @ INR 100. It’s simple. Come on board and join us if you are sure that you wan to attend the event full day. And yes, there are loads of goodies to be won on the day. We will be coming with a big carton of gifts and swag. Yeah, you don’t need a Christmas to receive a gift!

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DataPlatformGeeks Webinars: We also have webinars by Microsoft Redmond Experts and MVP’s scheduled. You can find more information and register here.

How to Register for a DPG event?
Registering for a DPG event is a 2-step process:
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