Session Title: Building High End SQL Server Infrastructure
Speaker: Thomas Grohser

Abstract: While the overall goal is to utilize cost effective commodity hardware for the majority of the database systems sometimes it is necessary to have an efficient high end server to get the job done.

This session explains how to scale servers to hundreds of cores, terabytes of RAM and petabytes of storage in an optimized way for SQL Server. We will cover edge technologies like NVDIMM for the tail of the log buffering and talk about CPU and IO affinity and NUMA and how to expand the concept it from memory to your disks and network.

The most amazing part of this presentation is that you will learn that these high end servers are no longer as expensive as they one were.

This is the session for you if you need (or just want to know) how to handle millions of transactions per second or multi petabyte tables.

#SQLInfrastructure #HighEndSQL #CostEffective

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