Session Title: Building an Agile Data Warehouse
Speaker: Thomas Leblanc

Abstract: The Data Vault method can be used in agile development. If you follow 2.0 structure the hubs, links and satellites only have inserts. The difficult or more time consuming part is the Information Mart. This is where views for reporting can be used for reporting or converted into tables. The view code can be used, with some date manipulation, to schedule updates for structured dimensional model tables. The dimensional Data Mart is what most reporting or visualization tools (Power BI or Tableau) are programmed optimally.

It still gives those power query writers (T-SQL experts) the ability to see the archival data in the Data Vault if they so desire. What really becomes apparent is the integration of new applications that replace the existing applications. Satellites are great at structuring the hard rules of the data to tables and relationships. Again, the Information Mart views or tables is where the soft rules will be applied to help reporting queries.

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